10 Types of Explainer Videos That You Should Know About!

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10 Types of Explainer Videos That You Should Know About!

10 Types of Explainer Videos That You Should Know About!

Every start-up is looking to produce an explainer video for their products and services. That’s because explainer videos are a great way to engage viewers, increase conversions, maximize business exposure and boost sales. Now that the decision for making a digital video is made, it’s time to decide what kind of explainer video you want to make. Here is a list of 10 types of explainer videos you can make.

10 Different Kinds of Explainer Videos That You Can Create!

  • 2d Character Animation
  • 2d Motion Graphics Animation
  • 5d Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 3d Animation
  • Live Action
  • Digital Cutout Animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Typography
  • Screencast

What kind of Explainer Video Do I Need?

As you can see, there are many different types of explainer videos. Here is a brief description of each along with examples of each type of explainer video to help you choose which style is suited to you best.

1. 2D Character Animation

This is one of the most widely used techniques. This style means both the scenes and the characters are created in 2D using perspective in order to create an illusion of depth. This is a great choice for B2B and B2C companies because it is an emotion evoking choice. It also greatly appeals to the audience managing to instantly make a connection strong enough to make it shareable!

Source: https://www.yumyumvideos.com/

2. 2D Motion Graphics Animation

The primary characteristic of this type of video is being engaging and straightforward. This style is best for companies that have a complicated product and service. It is also ideal for companies to build trust and create a buzz around their brand.

3. 5D Animation

This type of video stimulates a 3D environment. It is an effective and interesting way to have professional and engaging results without the time it requires to create an actual 3D animation.

4. Whiteboard Animation

This is one of the most used and preferred styles for both B2B and B2C companies alike. The reason being that whiteboard videos are the perfect choice if you want to get into the depth of a product or service. Like the name suggests this style consists of drawings in simple black and white on a whiteboard to explain something.

5. 3D Animation

This type of animation has a lot of possibilities. Its high quality is the main reason it is used for mostly commercial purposes. However, producing a 3D video can be really expensive. And if you have a small budget this is probably not the option for you.

6. Live Action

Live action is when everything is recorded using a camera. This is a great option if you are looking to build a personal connection with your audience. Because this shows real people in real scenes it makes it very relatable.

7. Cartoon Animation

This style is best when you want to go for a more fun and adventurous concept. You can incorporate a lot of colours, humour, expressive characters and much more! Some video even add a really catchy music as the background to make it more engaging while other avoid background music to put more emphasis on the narration.

8. Stop Motion

This is a technique that consists of photographs. An object is photographed as it is moved in small amounts. This creates the illusion of movement when the series of photograph is played in a sequence.

9. Typography

Simply put, this is a method wherein you use typography to put forth an idea.

10. Screencast

This style is basically when a screenshot with studio narration is recorded. This is one of the low cost options of making videos. This is why a lot of start-ups rely on these kinds of videos, especially for tutorials.

Now that you know of these types, it is time to find the studio that will help you make amazing videos, someone who knows and understands these animation styles. This knowledge is important for making a killer explainer video! So start analysing your best options and prepare yourself to see your conversions reach the sky.





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