2D, 3D, ‘2.5’D Animation & 5 Good Reasons to Create Animated Videos

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2D, 3D, ‘2.5’D Animation & 5 Good Reasons to Create Animated Videos


Animated explainer videos have become an extremely popular form of putting across marketing messages to consumers since they possess the ability to do it in an entertaining and engaging format.

However, the effectiveness of animated explainer videos is by no means a blanket effect. Not all explainers will translate into popular and engaging pieces of content. There are multiple factors in play that guide the path of an explainer, either to success or obscurity. These factors include the visual quality of the animation, how good the script and story is, choosing the right voice over artist, and even the music used in the video. Each of these factors can make or break the video, and because there is no one-size-fits-all formula for the success of explainer videos, you can’t just ape what your competition is doing and hope that your video will turn out as effective either.

The most important decision that decides the popularity of an animated video is the format through which you choose to have it created. 2D, 2.5D and 3D are the choices you typically have in front of you, and each method of rendering the animation has its own individual traits.

To help you decide which one would be the right fit for you, here is a breakdown of what each brings to the fore:

  • 2D Animation
    The simplest form of animation, 2D is actually really effective in a variety of scenarios. While the visual is flat, meaning it lacks a little dynamism, the flat plane results in a format that causes less strain to the viewer’s eyes. 2D is great when you are using a character to tell a story, or turning something like a static piece of infographic into an engaging video. It isn’t the best medium to depict complexities or deeply technical visuals, but it is great if you want to keep things sweet and simple.Here is a short 2D animation (Toolbox Studio’s very own 2D animation production showreel) that showcases the medium’s qualities and versatility –

  • 2.5D Animation
    2.5D animation, as the name suggests, lies somewhere between the 2D and 3D space. It is a form of animation that relies on 3D objects placed within a 2D environment. This means that typically, while the background is flat, the hero subject of the video is in 3D. This creates an intriguing effect, that when harnessed properly, can add a whole different feel and texture to the video. And of course, typically, 2.5D isn’t as expensive to create as a fully-fledged 3D animation either.Here is a quick example of 2.5D animation –

  • 3D Animation
    The top dog of the animation world, 3D videos are the most visually immersive of the lot thanks to the additional feeling of depth they bring to the screen. Incredibly detailed and extremely enjoyable to watch, the most complex of subjects can be explained through the art of 3D animations. Of course, all of this depth and level of detail comes at a price, because 3D is usually the most expensive form of animation out there.Take a look at our deeply immersive and painstakingly detailed 3D animated short to understand the potential of the medium –

Now that we know the different types of animated videos, here is how they can help businesses big and small in their marketing efforts.

5 factors that make animation the perfect medium for marketing explainer videos 

1.Letting the creative juices flow
Animation isn’t restricted by the limitations of the real world. Laws of physics, for example, don’t necessarily apply. So your characters can do all sorts of amazing things that aren’t possible in live action videos. You are only limited by your own imagination.

2. Conveying messages with brevity
Using animation, you can simplify what you need to say and let the visuals do the talking. You don’t need to rely on voiceovers or physical movements to help convey your message; the animation itself conveys the message for you. This means you can say more in a shorter span of time, and in this day and age, when viewers lose interest so quickly, this is crucial because every second counts.

3. Demystifying complex technical processes
If your business involves highly technical processes that you want your viewers to understand, then animations are the way to go about it. You can show a fully functioning cutout of your complex mechanics to simplify it, and provide a running commentary, and slow down or speed up the action based on how difficult or easy it is to understand.

4. Breaking away from the monotony
There is a reason why animations are so popular among children and adults alike – they are just plain fun to watch! After the tedium of watching a barrage of live action ads on a daily basis, an animated explainer makes for great visual relief. It can be darker than the darkest set or brighter and more colourful than anything else we can replicate in the real world. As long as you can think it, it can be done, and this is what give animation the upper hand in terms of entertainment value.

5. Cost effective
Animations are a whole lot cheaper to develop than a comparable live action video. Even 3D animation, which is the most expensive kind, is much cheaper than making live action videos. This is because animation doesn’t require the hiring of a set, actors’ fees, props and set design, video shooting equipment, lighting, permits or anything of that sort. Furthermore, any tweaks that need to be made to the animation are easy and not costly. Re-shooting even a single scene, on the other hand, will involve a whole round of investment.

We should know, after all, Toolbox Studio is an animation studio! If you aren’t able to pick your favorite type of animation, contact us and we’ll show you our demos and help you understand what types of animated videos can help you communicate your brand’s message in the best possible way.

An animated explainer video company can help you add a new dimension to your business by reaching out to your target audience on an emotional level and delighting them visually!




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