Can a Great Product Video Really Help You Boost Sales?

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September 27, 2016
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Can a Great Product Video Really Help You Boost Sales?

Video Advertising

Video marketing has been around for ages. The adverts we see on T.V. everyday are nothing but a rudimentary form of video marketing. However, these ads are mostly ignored as people switch from channel to channel looking for something else to watch while the commercials are on. Furthermore, at the risk of being brutally honest, the quality of most of these adverts is substandard.
video advertising
Today we as a people have evolved into a demographic that can only be reached through social and other kinds of internet-related media. So much so, that we make purchases, pursue friendships and form opinions about things we’ve never even heard of, without having to leave the comfort of our couches. Not so great for us as a species, but absolutely fantastic for video marketing!

So, to answer the question in the title, yes, a great product video can indeed help you boost sales and here’s why:

  1. Videos Are Easy

What I mean when I say this is that videos are easy on the viewer. They require very little mental effort, are completely entertaining and therefore appeal to viewers more than articles, billboards or newspaper adds. People today are looking for instant gratification and so videos have a higher chance of being shared than other forms of advertising. Simply put, with video marketing you can reach the laziest of the lazy with just a click.

  1. Videos Can Reach Far

If you are on the internet reading this article right now, you are no stranger to YouTube videos. How many users does YouTube have? How many users does Facebook have? How many users do Twitter and Instagram have? You get the point. To say, “a lot of people use the internet” would be a gross understatement. How many of us have started by watching a recipe and found ourselves 3 hours later looking at funny cat videos? There’s no shame in it, videos have a tendency to suck you in ever so subtly and that is the main reason why they are a class one strategy for brand marketing today.

  1. A Leg Up In SEO

More importantly, adding good quality videos to your website automatically gives you an advantage when it comes to SEO. Google (and other search engines) are partial to web pages with videos. Your website will automatically rank higher in a search, thus increasing the chances of more and more internet traffic being directed your way.

  1. Videos Can Spread Like Wildfire

We have all heard of videos going viral. And the truth is, any video, no matter how bad or how good, can go viral. Heard of Rebecca Black’s Friday? That girl actually got rich because people hated her so much and thought her song was so stupid, that they had to keep watching it over and over again; classic example of infamy. However, she got lucky, but you might not. So take the time to really invest in your product video production and come up with a solid entertaining yet informative video that really lets people know what your brand and product is all about. As much as there are people who can spend all day watching “Numa Numa” on YouTube, there are also people who appreciate quality videos and will not hesitate to share them.

  1. A Good Video Guarantees ROI

When you decide to invest in video production, you should know right from the get go that you will make your money back. The initial investment in a video production company in India, or anywhere else for that matter, is the only money you will have to spend. So, don’t scrimp on this stage because a good quality video will advertise itself! The more relatable the video, the more shares it will get. And at least one out of every 10 people who share your video might be interested in your product. Slowly but surely your video will spread far and wide, and soon enough you will see a steady increase in your sales.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Toolbox Studio and explore our digital video production services – we assure you the highest quality of videos that can catapult your product, service, or brand to new heights.