Future of the VFX industry: 6 Predictions for 2015

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January 16, 2015
VFX industry predictions for 2015
January 22, 2015

Future of the VFX industry: 6 Predictions for 2015


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Whenever we see a new beginning in the horizon, we look for the crystal ball! What does the future hold for us? We just have to know and be prepared!

However, crystal balls are rather well known for throwing some curve balls that at best make no sense and at worst drive you up a wall. And that is when we go back and rely on the time tested technique of studying the past and making a few educated guesses at what might be in store for us in the future. We did same to figure out what the VFX industry has in store for it in the year 2015 and here is what we came up with!

Our 6 predictions for the VFX industry in 2015

Technology will continue to lead the way

There was a time when advances in technology were spread out through decades. Now, there are at the very least a few life altering technology advances announced in a year. And that is always good news for any industry that depends on technology for its growth. There will always be something new for VFX studios to add to their list of services. We can predict with almost a 100% certainty that growth is guaranteed, if you place your studio well and deliver! But that also means there will never be a time when a professional from this industry can say, I have learnt it all! We foresee every professional revisiting school at least once or twice to stay to update and in the game. And that brings good news for the education industry also!

Direct to client approach

This generation of marketing departments are but of course digital savvy. That means no more waiting to hear from an intermediate agency! We see studios reaching out to clients directly. After all, with the digital medium anything is possible!

Look out for new job titles

Technology has a way of creating new avenues. As this industry grows with every step, forward that technology takes and spread across different specialized segments, we see a whole new range of job tittles taking the spotlight. Studios will require professionals with different skill sets to create well-rounded teams. How else can they team up their clients to co-create a campaign?

Clash between Magic Leap and Oculus Rift

Last year we saw Facebook backing up Magic Leap and Google extending their support to Oculus Rift, both products involved in creating immersive virtual reality.  They are definitely different in how they work but both will need work done that falls right in the lap of the current gaming and CG pipelines. Irrespective of who wins the war between these two products, the VFX industry will definitely benefit. The profit margins may not be great as of yet but will it certainly be a great opportunity for studios to get a head start!

Interactive work: Rise in profit margins

There was a time when creating interactive work was pain staking. That meant taking on large volumes was tough. But with the way technology has advanced off late, tools that simplify this process are many. That means creating these solutions is now easier. We can’t see anything but growth in profit margins in this segment this year.

The boom

The three industries that predominantly utilise the services of VFX video games, marketing and cinema & television. And these industries today are bigger than ever, only showing signs of continuous and tremendous growth. The obvious conclusion here is that the VFX industry shall also continue to grow with them. If you are concerned about job opportunities, then don’t be. There are many out there, but it is up to you to land and keep them!

And that is what we believe is in store for the VFX industry this year!




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