Hotel Transylvania 2: A trick or a treat in animation?

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Hotel Transylvania 2: A trick or a treat in animation?

Hotel Transylvania 2

With Halloween around the corner, Sony Pictures could not have found a better time to release this fantasy-comedy thriller. The movie begins right where it left off after the first half. With the permission of Dracula, Mavis and Johnny get married and have a son named Dennis shortly after. The hotel is now open to human guests as well! While Dracula and his friends try to bring out the monster in Dennis, Mavis has to face Johnny’s parents who are human! But all hell breaks loose when Dracula’s human-hating father, Vlad, brings the terror back to the hotel. Is Hotel Transylvania 2 a trick or a treat?

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Box Office Spooks

Making up to $48.5 million in its first week, Hotel Transylvania 2 is now the best September film opening of 2015. Marking another milestone, this movie is also the best opening ever for a Sony Pictures Animation film. Hotel Transylvania is now the 5th highest US animation movie in 2015. Ironically, this movie is also Adam Sandler’s best opening movie in his entire career.

The total standing of this movie, as of 25th October 2015 is around $148.2 million in North America and $167.5 million in other territories making a worldwide collection of about $315.7 million, against a budget of $80 million.

Majority of the credit for the phenomenal success of this movie is given to the director Genndy Tartakovsky for his impeccable direction and high quality of animation.

The Eerie Animation

Hotel Transylvania 2 has managed to get Sony Pictures back to the map of animation studios. Second only to Disney and Pixar, Sony Pictures has received an amazing response for the quality of the animation.

Playing in 2D as well as 3D in theaters much like many CG films, Tartakovsky has maintained his standard of excellence in this movie as well. Unlike most animated movies that strive for visual sophistication, what makes this movie stand out is the fact that the filmmaker’s have invented unique designs that cater better to the script as the story revolves around monsters. The backdrops are a treat as they truly stand out in 3D, especially the scenes that are set in the Transylvania.

The filmmakers have experimented with the animation by using ‘pop-out’ 3D moments which make the scene more noticeable and give it a more immersive depth-of-field approach. Tartakovsky has made sure to use this technique in a very subtle manner, unlike studios that typically push ‘pop-out’ effects in attempts to ‘wow’ movie-goers.

The animation in Hotel Transylvania 2 is carried out in such a way that it manages to accentuate the monsters, making it the money’s worth for a 3D upgrade.


Viewer’s Scream of Terror

Gaining more appreciating than its predecessor, Hotel Transylvania has managed to win over many hearts. Here are a few reviews as to what people think of Drac’s pack!

Overall, the sequel is energetic, heart-warming and certainly satisfying movie. A must watch for all families and moviegoers!’ – IMDB

There is a visibly improved approach to humor, introducing characters and situations that, inherently, provide a platform for witty banter and physical comedy’ –

Hotel Transylvania 2 ends up being a movie with the redeeming theme of love and acceptance for those who are different from ourselves.’ –

‘Like the first entry in this animated Sony Pictures franchise, the film is spirited, engaging, and has an idea: it’s about mutual tensions between the undead and the living, who have forged a truce up in the Carpathians.’ – Daily Telegraph

Showing some immense improvement in terms of animation and gags, Sony Pictures has already created great hype and wait for the next part of this movie which is all set to begin production early next year. With the visually pleasing quality of animation and the heart-warming storyline, Hotel Transylvania 2 is a definite treat that has a lot of tricks up its sleeve.