How 3D Product Modeling Helps You Nail Product Presentations

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How 3D Product Modeling Helps You Nail Product Presentations

3d product modeling

In the world of advertising and marketing, 3D product modeling and animation are changing the way brands, both big and small, showcase their products before potential customers.

There’s been a gradual shift from traditional photography and illustration. Companies are more clued-in to the power of 3D modeling and visualization, and they’re seeing better returns in marketing efforts.

Apart from brand retention and long-term improvement in brand image, 3D visualization programs have known to boost sales by nearly 50%. It has also helped cut down advertising and promotional costs by as much as 60%.

Why is 3D Product Modeling So Effective in Advertising and Promotions?

3D modeling and rendering eliminates the need for photo-shoots, involving models, or even buying and storing props and décor.

Rendering, simply put, is the visualization of an object with the aid of software. You can render just about anything.

  • Create a stunning 360-degree video of products in the fashion industry, like bags or shoes
  • Show minute details in automobile transmission systems
  • Highlight features of a new line of furniture

The sky is the limit.

The advent of 3D product modeling has let businesses implement innovating and daring ideas without getting into a budget crunch. It lets businesses and artists unleash creative out-of-the-box solutions and create a strong visual impact on the audience. From videos to static images to plain backgrounds to panoramas and 360° views – everything is possible.

Let’s see how 3D product modeling is a stellar option for your brand.

5 Ways 3D Modeling Can Enhance Your Product Presentation

1. Anticipate the Final Result

3D product modeling is a combined effort of working closely with all teams involved – art director, project managers, creative director, and marketers. While there are many teams involved, ideologies and thought processes vary.

With 3D product modeling, it’s easy to anticipate the result exactly the way the other members had pictured it in their minds. The final product is one that’s envisioned with no surprises.

Bonus – 3D product modeling allows for short timelines and adjustments can be made quickly.

2. Easier Visualization of Products with 3D Prototypes

Earlier, if customers needed a visual peek of what to expect, they needed to be physically present in brick-and-mortar stores to see that prop. Building a prop is tough, costly, and a time-consuming affair. You also need ample space to store props and their life is limited.

3D animation presents an inexpensive and faster way to breathe life into your product by capturing the product from various angles and adding significant details and motion.

3. High-Res Visualization That Impresses

Whether your product relies on an exhibition of the tiniest details, or you like to show off your product in grand settings, 3D animation helps attract those looking for the highest quality in visuals. The most discerning customers with a keen eye for craftsmanship will leave your presentation informed – and impressed.

Consider the video game industry, for instance. It boomed into a multi-billion-dollar business over the last 30 years – a lot of the credit goes to 3D modeling. Movies, too, are able to bring their superheroes to life with the help of 3D modeling and animation.

With 3D visualization, you can effortlessly emphasize on features and give customers a clear, comprehensive view of the product using HD images. This level of realism and detailing instantly engages remote customers who don’t have the opportunity to witness the product personally.

4. Enable Visual Interaction

3D animation gives customers the room to play around and visualize products from different angles to make an informed purchase decision.

You can zoom in, zoom out, drag, drop or resize the product and see how it functions by virtually placing it in a real-life environment. Furthermore, change the shape, color, placement or even alter the lighting. These advanced features are not found in photographs and allow for an interactive customer experience.

After a 360-degree view and a personalized product, it’s easier to make a conscious decision.

5. Respond to Market Trends

The digital landscape is forever changing. To survive and remain competitive in the market, brands have to adapt to these changing trends quickly. Or else, there are chances your brand will struggle to stay ahead or even face business losses.

Adopting 3D modeling is a great way to remain relevant. Not only have you got your hands on a trend, but you can also showcase the transformation of current models by adding newer elements, and thus attract more leads.

First impressions are everything; it’s time to get visual the 3D modeling way. Using 3D modeling and animation right can be a short in the arm for sales, allows businesses to increase revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to explore further how 3D Product Modeling can change the game for your prototype or new product line, get in touch with Toolbox Studio. Our experienced team of artists, modelers, and designers come together to provide top-notch quality, accurate models, and prompt deliveries.




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