Top 3 Animated Videos & Their Astounding Results!

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Top 3 Animated Videos & Their Astounding Results!

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Animated videos and commercials have been around for over 75 years – they have been a mainstay in the marketing, branding and advertising world. In the recent past, we have seen several top brands as well as those at their nascent stages trying to leverage this fantastic medium to reach out to its audience.

So, what makes animation the go-to medium of communication for brands when it comes to branding, marketing and advertising? Here are some questions brands, businesses, marketing heads and advertising agencies need to think about:

  • What makes animation so effective?
  • What makes some animated videos work better than the others?
  • How many animated commercials or promotional videos do you actually remember without having to strain your mind too much?

Well, we have compiled a list of the three most striking animated videos (according to us) and the possible reasons for their popularity.

1. Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

The 2012 awareness campaign with cute animated characters committing suicide and dying in absurd sequences is the most awarded public safety campaign in the history of Cannes. With a whopping 170 million views to date on YouTube, the interesting animation, catchy jingle and the message “Be Safe Around Trains” actually promoted rail safety and resulted in a substantial decrease in the number of suicides and accidents. While the content itself was pretty compelling and it was an unprecedented way of passing on a public safety message, the adorable animation further added to the video’s charm.

2. Slack: Work, Simplified

That this slick video by Slack makes a superb impact is no surprise – after all, it hits the right nerve (of the right audience). A software aimed at simplifying work and teamwork, Slack had to ensure that its ad resonated with officegoers and freelancers who work with teams on different kinds of projects. The treatment of the video is where it wins hands down. With eye-catching colours, geometric shapes, everyday elements and relatable situations at work, the chaos-turned-into-seamless-management idea does wonders and gets the message across.

3. Nike: Risk Everything

Three days before the 2014 FIFA World Cup kickoff, Nike Football unleashed its blockbuster animated campaign. Made in the distinct frenetic style that Nike ads are made with, this was a fresh breath of air, thanks to the unique concept, storyline and thrill. The basic theme revolved around real footballers struggling to keep the game alive owing to the emergence of their robotic clones. The character animation was on point and so was the direction. With animated versions of the world’s biggest footballers, you can only imagine the kind of business impact the ad would have had.

These are just a few examples of fantastic animation and its use for marketing and advertising purposes. But it is also food for thought. Why do you think bigwigs like Nike, Adidas, Google, Heinz, Oreo, Starbucks, Coca Cola and the like feel the need to “advertise” themselves? Why would they choose animation as the one common vehicle for promoting themselves or their products?

Well, the answer is simple and here to stay.

  1. Animation is great fun to watch, irrespective of age.
  2. It is easy to explain (and understand) concepts when they are in animated form
  3. Animated videos are more likely to be shared
  4. Animation tends to have a high recall value
  5. Well-crafted animated videos can really lift a brand or product to another level

Whether it is for branding purposes or to launch a new product, animated videos assure a higher degree of engagement – and a well-made video can really deliver great business results, too.

At Toolbox Studio, we have a glorious track record of delivering diverse animated videos to renowned brands. Our 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics and 3D product modeling capabilities clubbed together with our expertise in industrial animation and eLearning video creation means that we can provide a wide range of animation services to companies in India and abroad. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.




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