Welcome to the Age of Web Series & Cutting-Edge VFX

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October 7, 2016
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Welcome to the Age of Web Series & Cutting-Edge VFX

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In today’s media-dominated era, almost everything has moved from the real world to a virtual, online one. The main driving force behind this switch is of course, convenience. It is more convenient to buy groceries online than to go to a large, crowded supermarket, walk around looking for things you need and then stand in line for ten minutes waiting to be billed.

Similarly, entertainment has moved online as well. People are slowly switching to Netflix and Hulu rather than renewing their cable subscription. Television series are now being released online before they are aired on TV. In fact, most shows aren’t even aired on TV anymore. They are available exclusively online. This is the age of web series!

What Makes Web Series Popular

There are a lot of factors that are causing web series to gain popularity. Some elements are contained within the series itself while others have nothing to do with the series at all! Let us take a look at the few most common factors that make web series so popular:

1. Content

The premise and the subject matter of a web series is usually what makes it popular with the crowd. The premise is generally something unusual yet relatable. Furthermore, there should be a good amount of graphic content in the series, which seems to be a trend these days. True Detective, Hannibal and Game of Thrones are some well-known examples of web series with gruesome content.

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                  Source: indiatimes.com

2. Censorship, Or Lack Thereof

Web series are not ‘produced’ through a traditional production house. And so, they are not subject to censorship, allowing for a more realistic, uncut and relatable series. Since these series can essentially be uploaded online by literally anyone, there is no liability and hence, the content of the videos can include anything. As scary as this sounds, it is this very quality that will attract most viewers.

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               Source: indiatimes.com

3. Visual Effects

Visual effects, better known as VFX, are the 3rd largest reason for a popular web series. Think about it – have you seen the VFX used in Game of Thrones? The dragons, the white walkers, the Dire Wolves and everything else! The sheer intensity and vastness of the Wall can only be portrayed through stellar VFX services. The images that the Red Woman sees in the flames are nothing but VFX craftsmanship. In short, a web series with high-quality VFX is sure to gain popularity.

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                Source: doublemesh.com

4. Convenience

As mentioned earlier, common folk will also choose an option that is more convenient, even when it comes to entertainment. Would you prefer kicking back in your sweats and sitting at home on the couch with a large bowl of popcorn watching the season finale of GoT or would you rather dress up, drag yourself out of the house, drive to a crowded cinema, stand in line for an over-priced movie ticket and sit in a cramped, funky smelling, kind of damp seat for 2 hours? You get the point. It is simply more convenient to stream the latest episode of your favorite show on your laptop than go out to a movie, even if someone else is paying!

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               Source: sploid.gizmodo.com

Toolbox Studio is a professional VFX studio outfit that can not only create a mighty impressive video for you with topnotch visuals but can also help you make and produce your own idea for a web series in a fun and unique way.

We are experts in pre-visualization, rotoscopy, compositing and green screen extraction both with live action as well as animated videos. Additionally, we offer services that help you add value to your existing videos and advertisements.

We are completely dedicated to bring your ideas to life through well directed and thoroughly planned videos that are sure to bring you some attention from people across the web.