Who will take the Oscar For Animated Short Films?

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February 9, 2016
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Who will take the Oscar For Animated Short Films?

Who will take the Oscar For Animated Short Films?

Oscar season is here and like always it’s time for you to know who the contenders are! Today we cover the nominations for everything animation! Here are the nominations for Animated Short Films.

Bear story

The story was this short film began during the 1970s, when families were mercilessly torn apart during the Pinochet regime in Chile. Augusto Pinochet, the president of Chile between 1973 and 1990 reigned as a dictator after overthrowing the democratically-elected President Allende.

Bear story was inspired by Gabriel Osorio’s family history, particularly by this grandfather who was exiled from Chile.

“The idea was mainly inspired by the story of my grandfather,” said Osorio, one of the finalists in TheWrap’s ShortList Film Festival. “He was exiled from Chile in the ’70s and spent 10 years in England — I knew that I had a grandfather, but I didn’t meet him when I was a kid.”

Bear story walks you through the sad story of a lonely bear who builds a intricate mechanical diorama in the hopes to remember the days he spend with his wife and son before he was torn from his family and sent to a circus.

Bear story is more than a dazzling piece of 3D animation; it’s the story of a boy who never knew who his grandfather was!

The short film is two years worth of hard work by some of the best animators and artists in Chile. Osorio hopes that no family has to ask the question of where they loved ones are now? He hopes his movie reminds everyone of the significance of family!

Here is a sneak peek into the process of making this heartbreakingly beautiful film:


The movie is set 2,400 years in the past and walks the viewers through a vicious battle between two teams Spartan and Athenian warriors. But what makes this movie special is not the story itself, though that too is a great watch!

What truly makes it special that it is a hand drawn and dialogue free film! Directed by animation legend Richard Williams and produced by his longtime collaborator (and spouse) Imogen Sutton. Prologue made its debut at the Telluride Film Festival, the film originated as a part of a larger plot and project!

Here is the trailer for Prologue, where three-time Oscar winner shares his vision of the film:

Sanjay’s Super Team

Disney/Pixar movies are only getting more and more diverse. Sanjay’s Super Team is a short film about a Hindu boy who is in love with the world of superheroes while his father tries to teach him the traditions of his Hindu lineage. The story follows Sanjay on a journey which changes his perspective. A perspective that both him and his father can embody!

Directed by Sanjay Patel, this movie is inspired by his own childhood. He grew up in San Bernardino, California as Indian immigrant in the 1980s. He remembers how for a long time he couldn’t relate to his parents traditions.  He says, “Our worlds were diametrically apart. I just wanted my name to be Travis, not Sanjay.”

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos

We Can’t Live without Cosmos written and directed by Konstantin Bronzit is a Russian animated short film that was released in 2014. The story revolves around about two friends who are cosmonauts who are trying their best to make their dream a reality in their training life.

This film has received a lot of praises from critics and has even won a lot of awards. It’s been dubbed a film you will never want to live without! With good reason no less!

World of Tomorrow

World of tomorrow is a movie directed by Don Hertzfeldt. The interesting thing about this movie is how the sound was created. Illustrator Julia Pott plays the role of the lead character but the sound of a child is what you should be interested in. Hertzfeldt four year old niece was recorded while she was drawing and playing, this audio was then inserted into the film as and when required.

World of Tomorrow premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Grand Jury Prize.

The movie follows the life of a little girl who is thrown into a mind bending tour of her future!

Have you watched any of these short films? What did you think about them? Bt the biggest question of them all- which one of these do you think deserves to take home the coveted Oscar!

And if you haven’t watched them, what are you waiting for??




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