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Digital marketing is a space that is yet to be explored largely. Years back, it was believed that the internet had been used to its full potential. That was until social media came into the picture. Most of the nay screamers have been converted today with the remarkable results of engagement and awareness building that has been achieved through them for many. However, one of the most underutilized platforms even today is video marketing.

In June 2013, 85.2% of the US population using the internet watched videos. This was a 7% increase from the month of May 2013.

Surprised? Here are a few more stats that will leave you dumbfounded

42% digital marketing professionals, that is 142 in number, say they are moving from TV to online video as a part of their planning process

Need another one?

72% of media buyers are increasing their online budgets by 53%


Digital marketers have been following this formula for a while now,

1. Find an unoccupied space

2. Dig around

3. Keep digging till they find the best way to capitalize on that medium

4. Then scale as if their life depended on it


The reason why you should be on this medium now is rather simple. And there are three of them.

  • Consumers love video content. They are more likely to watch and remember your brand proposition than read about it and remember
  • The big guns are still spending most of their money on TV. This side of marketing world is still largely untouched which means the prices are as competitive as it will ever get now. Once, the big spenders get in here, the story is going to be same as TV advertising. You will need it but may not be cost effective
  • Last but not the least, advertising on videos is as efficient as it gets. You can decide exactly who sees your ad and optimize it to be as cost effective as possible


Here are 3 ways that digital videos can change how brands are perceived and increase the amount of money they make eventually.


Second largest search engine in the world: YouTube

Why did SEO kick off in the first place? Because Google is that big! With YouTube being the next in line, videos are rising to be a strong way to communicate your brand proposition in a manner that benefits the costumers. After all information is what they are looking for!

Sky rocket brand engagement

There is more you can do with a digital video than you can with a commercial break and that is exactly what M& S did with their The Two Fairies holiday campaign that maps back to a twitter account. The account went from zero to 28000 followers. The fact is that with tablets and smart phones, the barriers to conversation on the online medium are unbelievably low but that is not something you can say about TV. Or you can peek at how Red Bull used the medium to increase its brand value with some awesome content and smart distribution plans.

Sure, you can leave them jaw dropped, but how do you capitalize on that? Digital videos is the answer to that.

Cure to banner blindness

On an average, 25 to 34 year old, sees about 2000 banner ads a month. Is there any doubt as to why they are blind to banners today? With the relevant content and context, a video is guaranteed to boost awareness and engagement. Who doesn’t like to be entertained at all times?


It is time to take a look at the your marketing plans again and reach out a studio that creates digital videos, today!

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