Whiteboard Animation Videos

Simplicity and brevity’ is the mantra of marketing managers and communication agencies the world over. Sometimes, the straightforward, minimalist approach can rise above all the loud drama and catch the eye of the audience, and this is what whiteboard animation videos are all about.


Going ‘viral’ is the aim of every agency and media management firm in these smartphone and social media-driven times. A whiteboard video production can help businesses achieve the hallowed viral video status.

  • Whiteboards are 3Xmore likely to be shared on social media than a live action video
  • It is also 2X more likely that a whiteboard animation viewer will remember the key communication presented as compared to a regular live action ad

Why investing in whiteboard animation is a good idea

In the hands of the right whiteboard animation studio,this format of videos can easily take product or brand visibility to a whole new level. They are some of the most economical videos you can commission, and can even be developed on a short deadline. Furthermore, they are charming and engaging, they are a fresh and fun way of getting your message across, and they are pretty convincing too.

In the right hands, a whiteboard animation is a low risk, high reward option for marketers to consider.



How can Toolbox Studio help?

Toolbox Studio has the team, tools, facilities and experience to develop and deliver outstanding whiteboard animated videos that are tailor made to suit client requirements (and budgets). Our whiteboard animation video services can be used by a wide gamut of industries including automotive, IT, FMCG, retail, healthcare and education.

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