15 Excellent 2D Character Animation Videos by Brands

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Top 15 Animated Motion Graphics Videos for Business
June 21, 2019
15 Excellent 2D Character Animation Videos by Brands
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July 18, 2019

15 Excellent 2D Character Animation Videos by Brands

2d character animation

With so many different ways to convey a message or promote a product or service, there is no dearth of formats when it comes to animated videos being made by brands and companies. One such format is 2D character animation, where one or more characters are brought to life by animating them.

Given the massive popularity and widespread usage of 2D character animation videos, let us discuss the following:

• Why use animated videos?
• What is 2D animation?
• What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?
• What are the advantages of 2D animation?
• What are some good examples of 2D character animation videos?

So, why should you use animated videos?

Well, animation is one visual format that cuts across geographies and demographics, appealing to people of all kinds. So, as a business, using animation for creating explainer videos can truly help you reach your target audience, no matter who or where they are. Another strong reason to choose animation as your format is that it is visually appealing and highly engaging – so there are high chances of people watching, enjoying and remembering the video.

Animated explainer videos have yielded incredible results for brands and businesses in the past and continue to do so even today. As a format that resonates with all kinds of people, 2D animated explainer videos are the go-tochoice for companies that wish to:

• Convey a brand message
• Explain an idea, concept or business offering
• Launch a new product in the market
• Promote a product or service
• Demonstrate the utility and features of a product
• Educate the audience about the usage of a product or service

What is 2D animation? What is the difference between 2D and 3D animation?

2D animation involves the creation of movement in a two-dimensional space. Think classic television shows like The Simpsons, Bugs Bunny, South Park, The Jungle Book and Rick and Morty. In 2D animation, thousands of images are compiled together and run as film at 24 frames per second.

3D animation, on the other hand, allows content makers to create more realistic-looking objects or characters. Techniques like shading, texturing and lighting can further help these objects look solid in a three-dimensional perspective. Some good examples of 3D animation are – Toy Story 4, Frozen, The Incredibles, How to Train Your Dragon and Shrek.

While both 2D and 3D animation videos are relevant and popular, some work better than the others, depending on the subject at hand and the motive of the video.

What are the advantages of 2D animation?

The biggest advantage of 2D animation, like we mentioned above, is the fact that it can effectively cater to all kinds of people, age groups, geographies and demographics. The benefits of using 2D character animation for business explainer videos is that this type of animated video establishes an instant connect with the viewer, getting them involved and invested in the narrative quickly.

2D animation offers you a whole lot of options and variety that you can experiment with, so there is no limit to how creative you can get with character animation in a video. Here are some of the best 2D animated explainer videos we have created for our clients in the past.

What are some good examples of 2D character animation videos?

The following list of videos has been curated to help you understand the aforementioned benefits better. Check out some of the most brilliant 2D character animation videos made by brands and businesses below.

1. Flipkart’s Seller Wallet – A Revolutionary Solution for Sellers

The Flipkart Seller Wallet is a one-stop solution that helps your business grow. This 2D animation video leverages bright colours and a likeable, relatable middle-aged character to explain the benefits of advertising with Flipkart.



2. South Trail Kia Commercial

Friendly, light-hearted and fun to watch, this South Trail Kia Commercial introduces the viewer to a couple of well-designed 2D characters which stay with us throughout the video. The fantastic 2D animation and wonderful transitions add dynamism to the video, making it an entertaining viewing experience (even though it is promotional in nature). You will also notice how various 2D animation elements and graphics are utilized here to explain the process and features.



3. Roll – The Simplest Way to Manage Your Business and Projects

Another well-crafted 2D animation video, this one manages to get the message across by using a mix of mechanical characters and smart animation. The mechanical characters used like string-puppets along with the rolling ball bearing adds an air of freshness and originality to the video, engaging you right from the start. The clever use of metaphors is another thing that makes the video even more interesting. Apart from the quality of visuals, the unique way of presenting the concept and explaining the features or USPs is what makes it one of our favourite character animation videos.



4. Dash Buttons by Amazon – The Future is Now

Dash Buttons by Amazon, in their own words, is a new way to do things. To do justice to their concept, they had to create a video that showed the viewer that the future really is now. This video manages to explain and convince you about this novel concept by using high-quality 2D animation, together with a futuristic setting and well-animated characters.



5. Compliance Made Easy with TraQtion

TraQtion is a cloud-based software that helps retailers and manufacturers with supplier, product and site compliance management. The use of cool colours, multiple icons and animated graphics is one of the standouts of this video. It makes use of the kind of character animation that we have seen in Microsoft’s animated videos.



6. Time2Match

By far one of our personal favourites, this Time2Match service video is a joy to watch since it is so easy on the eye and brings something new to the table. A service that helps people organize tournaments for non-pro players, with stats, ranks and schedules, this interesting topic needed an equally interesting video to explain the concept to the audience. The expertly-designed animated characters and the tennis court backdrop do complete justice to the subject at hand. Modern, young, playful and sporty, the 2D character animation video is vibrant and pleasing on the eye.



7. Why Employee Recognitionis Essential for Performance Management

Simple yet immensely effective, this animated video helps the viewer understand why employee recognition is important and why organizations should create a strong and positive work culture for employee retention and success.



8. Swiggy SUPER: It’s What You’ve Been Waiting For

After Swiggy’sresounding success, here is another programme that lets users unlock unlimited free home deliveries, orders from restaurants that are far, and ordering at any time of the day or night (plus no surge pricing). With so many USPs and benefits to be highlighted, the makers of the video have used efficient 2D animation to explain it all – crisply.



9. UrbanClap PlayStore Video

From explaining problem areas and introducing a solution to explaining features– this UrbanClap video is all things good! With very Indian characters, the 2D animation video is really relatable for people it is meant for.



10. Send with Confidence – Grammarly

Grammarly is a handy tool for anyone and everyone. The Grammarly animation video is simple and old-school-yet-effective in its approach. It establishes everyday situations that we face while writing and explains the utility of this tool in a concise and clear way.



11. Water Stewardship at Nestlé

Minimalistic and straightforward, this animated video explains how Nestlé protects and manages water resources, ensuring sustainability. This video is a great example of how a novel and unique concept can be explained using 2D animation.



12. Where does gold come from?

CERN scientist David Lunney’s explanation of where gold comes from is perfectly encapsulated in this 2D animation video. The 2D cartoons used in this video are funny and grab the viewer’s attention, engaging you in the narrative instantly. At Toolbox Studio, we love cooking up 2D animated videos like this one – it is on our list because of its sheer quality of animation, creative visuals and powerful narrative.



13. Alexa Auto – Overview

Alexa already helps you simplify your life – and now you can take her with you on the go. From playing music and asking for directions, to making calls and controlling your smart home, the video explains how Alexa works, using quality 2D animation elements and captivating graphics. The simple 2D animated characters are shown using Alexa Auto, showing the audience how it can be used.



14. Introducing the Trivago Talent Community

Trivago’s 2D character animation video showcases how the company enables people to follow their passion and convert it into a profession when the time is right. The example-based narrative helps hook in the target audience and make the video relatable.



15. Amazon Business Prime Shipping

Here’s a B2B video that manages to engage, educate and make you smile – all at the same time. The wonderfully-crafted 2D characters are animated well to take the narrative forward. They are put into relatable situations and settings so that the message is easily conveyed to the viewer. Another notable aspect of this animated video is the use of colours – you will notice how the backdrop is made up of whites and greys so that the other colours used for characters and highlighting elements stand out.



So, that’s our list of some of the best 2D character animation videos out there. At Toolbox Studio, we work with brands and organizations to create custom 2D animated videos that stand out and convey the message. If you are looking for a 2D animation company or a partner who can help you craft a stellar animated explainervideo for your business offering, we are just a call away!

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