11 Proven tips to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign a Success

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11 Proven tips to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign a Success

Video Marketing Campaign a Success

video marketing campaign

If you haven’t seen a rise in engagement or conversions after a video marketing campaign, then you have done it WRONG!

There was a reason TV become such a big hit back in the days. People love the video format of content. When this format spread into the digital world (let’s thank all those technology whiz kids for that), it brought the element of engagement and that made it an even greater success in the digital world. If you haven’t been succeeding with your video campaigns so far, then this article might be just what you need.

Creating the Right Campaign Idea

The first thing is to let people look up and take notice of your work and to think beyond the usual lines. Create a video that is rich in content making sure you publish them on regular intervals. Doing this will maintain the identity of the brand and generate better traffic towards your content.

Interaction with the Audience

Remember to ask your audience to subscribe to any of your newsletter or visit and subscribe to your blog. One simple feature you can make use of is adding a text box to your video. You can add your website address or URL to your video. This is the best way to gain exposure.

Never Make a Sales Pitch

There are lots of sales cluttered in the web already and you need not follow the same trend. True that you need to pitch and promote your products better but there is a different way of doing it too. Use your video to identify a problem, come up with solutions and lend support.

Short Version Videos

It is hard to capture the audience attention and easier to distract their focus. You can deliver your message loud and clear in a ten second video too. The message should resonate with the audience and entertain them at all cost.

Know Your Audience Better

You need to know the working demographic of your main targeted audiences. YouTube have over 60 million of viewership per month and language optimization to dabble between 18 different languages. So be sure of who you are targeting and why.

Choose a Catchy Title

Remember that your video title will be able to pull the audience attention better than you think. It pulls heavy traffic towards your site. Next make sure that you use a suitable keyword that pops out most on all search engines.

Content Rules Supreme

Try to produce a short video together along with great content. Take out time to answer questions on what audience are seeking for. Tutorial videos works best as it brings about greater viewership.

Think Beyond YouTube

There are many people who do not think beyond posting their videos on YouTube. In order to bring about more traffic to your site, you can upload or post videos on your own website. You can embed the video so that people will spend maximum time in your site.

Tutorials and DIY projects are Ruling

Present results for the audience and success will follow you in no time. Posting DIY projects and tutorials on your site would be an excellent way of generating great traffic. Uploading such tutorials provide you with great campaign potential. Be sure to complete your tutorial inclusive of great content.

User Generated Content

A company based content holds lesser response compared to customer generated content. When you are hosting your video campaign, you can make use of user generated content. It is a great way to drive audiences back to your site or promoting your brand. You can also host a great number of contests and award your audiences with prizes for things like best video displayed consumers.

Enlarge your Social Circle

You need to keep expanding your social circle and add on more friends. Keep your communication open with each one of them. Ask them to spread word about your website to their own friends. This will make sure that your social circle will grow with time and in strength.

The most important thing however, is to create the right digital video. It needs to present your content in a manner that your audience can’t help but watch it again and again and then talk about it! If you need help creating such a video, then talk to us. That is what we do at Toolbox Studio!




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