5 Brands that Gave Video Marketing Campaign Success a New Meaning

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5 Brands that Gave Video Marketing Campaign Success a New Meaning

Video Marketing Campaign

video marketing campaign

Video marketing is taking the digital marketing world by a storm. Brands are now beginning to see the advantage and are rushing to get this moving. But who spotted the value first and made great use of it? Here we look at some of the big brands that have broken all shackles to contribute to their success.

These brands succeeded not because of their huge investment but because they were well aware of the market fundamentality’s of social media users. Let us start by looking at their marketing strategies one at a time.

How these Big Brands made their Video Marketing Campaign a Success

Old Spice’s- The Man Your Man could smell like

It’s 2015 but this ad is still fresh in every mind and we bet if someone asks you impromptu, ‘I’m on a horse,’ your mind is surely going to transport you straight to the ad. This 33 seconds video presents a shirtless man talking about a woman as the whole scene makes a transition from the shower, to the boat and beach. The actor represents the hackneyed idea people have of the ideal man, but the ad has a humorous overtone to it rather than being obnoxious.

The rest, they say, was history. On the first day itself it got over 6 million views and till date; it has a record viewing of about 50 million on YouTube. The Old Spice’s YouTube Channel has been the most popular brand till date.

What worked for this campaign was how they bended the conventional ways of marketing strategies. Their targeted audience were females even though ironically the ad was specifically meant for males. Secondly, their area of concentration was the illusionary world rather than the real-life scenario. The ad had a lot of moving parts so this ensured that a lot of the audience put it on repeat mode to watch it quite a few times. The catchphrase ‘I’m on a horse’ catapulted their brand to newer heights.

The best thing was that other brands too started following their brand ever since it got aired. Their next step was the icing on the cake. They formed the response campaign to give their audience a better experience. This transformed them into the most shareable social media campaign.

Dollar Shave Club’s- Our Blades are F***ing Great

This campaign idea seeded in the mind of Michael Dubin when he proposed a company that sold cheap razors and shipped the same to people’s doorsteps. He truly had a big agenda in his mind and that’s the whole reason he went ahead and did a YouTube video. The video went by the name “Our Blades are F*** Great. Within a record of 48 hours, around 12,000 people signed up for the service.

The most simple and important thing the brand was sure of was their target audience. They ignored all high creation value and special effects. They did not believe in gimmicks to make an impression on their audience.

Their whole campaign idea was not to target only men who have attained their shaving age but younger men. They knew that the younger audience had a better chance of buying the razors online. The catchphrase “Young Men” is seen throughout the video. They threw in the best humour and used a lot of swear words that appealed to younger masses a lot. The video ends up with a party. The message is simple cut and straight and hence the video went on to become a huge hit.

They narrowed to the factors that differentiated their products from every identical product starting from their pricing and delivery deals.

K-Mart- Ship My Pants

Before K-Mart was only known as the store that sold groceries. Well that was quite some time back. Things have radically changed ever since the company started their marketing campaign, ‘Ship My Pants.’ This YouTube video campaign presents various people speaking of shipping their pants. So what if they used toilet humour for their promotion. It worked so well. They even took care to share the hashtag #ShipMyPants. Within one week, the video had 13 million YouTube viewers and over 400,000 Facebook comments and 890,000 likes.

Just like Old Spice, K-Mart concentrated to bring their best humour out. The humour completely caught people off guard and in turn made it so shareable. People started leaving their comments on Facebook and that type of engagement was what the brand needed.

It was a huge risk for them to undertake since making use of childish jokes and swear words is quite displeasing at some odd hours. But they went ahead with their campaign plan and what a success their story made. They ditch the so called norms of playing it safe and it paid them off so well. The result is for you to see.

West Jet’s Real Time Giving

West Jet’s Real Time Giving saw Santa Claus enquiring with people what they wished for as a Christmas gift before their flight departure. Upon their arrival, their presents were all dropped down to the baggage claim area much to their surprise. The video touched every heart that watched it and earned them over 200,000 YouTube likes and over 20,000 comments.

The major selling point of this campaign was that it struck a chord in people’s minds. It captured people’s expression right there and that’s the whole point of their success.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This video campaign worked because it called for a plan of action. It was a successful campaign as people from all walks of life latched on to it. It made the people think they are standing for a cause and making their presence felt. Most importantly, it supported a noble cause and the idea appealed to the audience a lot.

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