5 Reasons Why Nobody is Watching Your Business Videos

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5 Reasons Why Nobody is Watching Your Business Videos

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We can throw a lot of numbers at you about why video marketing is so important, statistics as to how the number of conversions you will receive after putting out video content will increase by hundreds of per cents and traffic to your website will be driven up a gazillion-fold. The numbers will be impressive enough to convince you that your business will fold without some form of video marketing in the future. Yes, there are plenty of articles online to convince you of that. Videos, too.

What most of them forget to tell you though is that no matter how many statistics there are to prove that video marketing works, your video might not be successful. You can find yourself at a position where you’ve scripted some great lines, filmed some wonderful scenes, edited it all with a blend of your blood, sweat and tears; and then posted it online and the number of views have been… zilch! This may already have happened to you.

It is with the intent of preventing this from ever happening to you again (or ever happening to you at all) that we have gathered these hints and tips, some we’ve learnt from our own experience; others from others’ mistakes.

So where do people really go wrong? And what can be done to prevent this?

1. Poor video quality

There is plenty of good quality video content out there. No one has the patience to sit through a grainy video and try to figure out what you are saying. The trick is to engage your viewers visually from the get go through well-made videos with great animation and effects, if you are using any. A poorly made marketing video reflects the quality of the brand in customers’ minds, making the quality of the video a vital factor in audience conversion. So forget about borrowing your friend’s newest iPhone, use professional camera work and lighting instead. Viewers today can certainly separate the professionals from the amateurs and it shows in the number of views!

2. An uninspiring introduction

Your video needs to grab your viewer’s attention right from the start. This may be through great visuals or a compelling storyline. A fifth of your audience is likely to click away from your video within the first 10 seconds or less if they are not captivated. And don’t be afraid to use humour, not just in your introduction but throughout your video as well. Everyone loves to be entertained!

3. Long, boring sales-pitchy videos

Now that you know how quickly audiences can be lost, it’s just as easy to lose them through the video, so make sure your content is relevant and engaging. Try not to go overboard with the sales pitch. People watching know that the video is put out by your brand so the fact that they are watching it is a form of advertising in itself. Centre your video on a story and address your customers’ emotions. You can always sneak your product or service in towards the end! Just kidding about the sneaking, but a strategic call to action towards the end can go much further than a video that’s all “ME! ME! ME!”

And remember to keep the whole video short. Today’s audiences have plenty of things to distract them from your video so say everything you need to in as short a time as possible.

4. Not knowing your audience

It is vital to conduct your research and know the demographics of the audience you are reaching out to along with what your brand portrays. Just because cat videos are all the rage at the moment, it doesn’t mean that making a similar video will ensure success. A good video will be able to reach out to the right demographics and send the right message through its script and visuals. The target audience must be considered right from the start so that every step taken towards producing your video is taken with them in mind. A good video production company will know this and will be able to guide you through the entire process smoothly.

5. No CTA

CTA stands for Call to Action.  This can often be a deal breaker when it comes to follow through actions from your audience. You want those views to convert into something tangible at the end of the day after all. There is absolutely no point in having a great video out there if your audience doesn’t know what to do with the information they have just received. So tell them!

They’ve just heard all about your wonderful product or service, so strike while the iron is hot. Let them know about the wonderful link at the bottom of the video they should be clicking on or the telephone number they should be calling NOW! You’ll be surprised at how many of your customers will be happy to oblige you.

Bonus tip: Research the platform you are sharing your video on. Include a descriptive, catchy but brief title. Use all the right tags to reach out to the audience of your choosing and promote your video on as many social media platforms as possible.

A good video production company will offer an end to end service right from the planning of your video, to the scripting and finally the production and post-production to ensure you have the best video for your service.

At Toolbox Studio, we collaborate closely with our clients to create videos that have a lasting impact. Our production teams include some of the finest directors making sure that our digital videos are of the highest quality. We cover every phase of making the film including script generation, storyboarding, shooting, filming, editing, graphics and animation and audio. Take a look at our past work.


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