Industries and Businesses that can benefit from 3D Product Modeling

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Industries and Businesses that can benefit from 3D Product Modeling


Before buying a product on an e-commerce website, you first ensure you have viewed the product image from various angles so you get a good idea of what it looks like from all sides.

What you see is called a photorealistic 3D product image. The term 3D modeling has gained a lot of momentum in the recent past since it has so many diverse uses and applications.

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What is 3D modeling?

3D models are three-dimensional models or renderings of three-dimensional objects. 3D models combine the three fields of geometry, mathematics and design to generate a 3D product image or representation of an object using specialized software. So basically, it uses different mathematical concepts, including curves and lines to generate 3D structures. These structures may be viewed as computer simulations, printed as a 2D rendering of a 3D object or printed (using a 3D printer) to generate a physical model.

Where is 3D modeling used?

3D models serve various different purposes:

  1. They are used to create realistic looking objects (or even people) to be represented on screen for various media
  2. They serve to create a visual representation of a concept before it is actually made.
  3. They can be rotated to observe different aspects of the model from various perspectives.
  4. They give a spatial design when required allowing a visual representation of the arrangement of objects in relation to each other.
  5. 3D models allow easy correction of design features before any physical structures are made thereby reducing costs.
  6. 3D modeling is also used before printing anything using a 3D printer to generate the blueprint for printing.

Industries where 3D modeling is used extensively

E-commerce, as mentioned above, is one of the key industries where 3D product images are in huge demand. The various angles from which a product can be viewed gives it a realistic feel and hence, it is used widely by almost all e-commerce businesses that sell products.

3D modeling is used across an assortment of industries serving unique purposes in each. Here are some of its most popular uses.

1. Products


Prototypes are expensive! Especially if you are designing something intricate like a watch, something expensive like jewellery or something huge like a car. A lot of time and money can be wasted by making something that does not turn out as envisioned. 3D modeling eliminates that hazard. It also allows engineers to put together hundreds of moving parts to test their functioning before any of them are even made.

3D modeling is also great for the marketing of a product serving to create stunning visuals that can also be animated for use in advertisements to show all the features and capabilities of a product. They can also be made interactive so potential customers can see how a product functions before purchase.

It can also be used to remodel an existing product using various aspects of design and textures. 3D printing also allows manufacturers to play around with materials used in their initial designs to find the one that suits them the best as different materials can be used for printing.

2. Games

godzilla ps4 game

Video games are another popular avenue for 3D modeling. As technology has progressed, games have become more and more realistic with large maps using interactive three dimensional objects. Even characters in the game are not safe from the 3D touch as gamers demand more realistic scenarios to delve into.

3. Medicine

3D modeling is a boon to medicine with a myriad of uses. It is used to create models of organs, skeletal structure as well any anomalies that may occur. They are great teaching aids for medical students allowing them accurate visualisations of anatomy. 3D imaging technology also allows the different textures of layers of organs, for example, to be demonstrated accurately.

3d printed prosthetic hands

Apart from education, 3D modeling also allows surgeons to plan surgeries as the medical models are accurate in structure and can be customised to the actual size and to include any abnormalities that may be present in the patient to be operated upon. This also allows surgeons to explain to their patients the procedures to be carried out easily and so instil confidence in them.

Similarly, 3D imaging is also used in the dental field. Crowns for teeth or even prosthetic limbs can now be printed using 3D printing technology making these processes much simpler than ever before.

4. Architecture and Interior Design

Schloss Dwasieden 3D Model

3D imagery is a great way for architects to bring their visions to life before the ground is even broken! Blueprints are used to virtually ‘construct’ buildings. This can be used to demonstrate the interior plans as well as exterior views. They offer different perspectives as well allowing the building to be viewed from the ground level to birds’ eye views.

Similarly with interior design, clients can view their future homes and workplaces as the interior designer envisions them. They can change the arrangement to their liking or even decide on new upholstery before even going close to a store. This allows for projects to be approved easily and modifications can be easily made before any actual work begins.

5. Fashion and Jewellery

Always at the cutting edge (pardon the pun) of technology, the fashion industry is one that knows how to use 3D modeling to its advantage. Artists and fashion designers can model 3D dynamic clothing on computers. It allows them to play around with different textiles and to create virtual fashion catalogues for online shopping websites. Designers now even create clothing for various avatars in video games and animated movies.

It can be used similarly for designing jewellery where the product is created virtually to see how different precious materials can be incorporated into a design without actually having to create it physically. This allows jewellers to offer highly customised products with their clientele being able to view products before they are made to order resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction.

3d ring

3D modeling can find uses in almost any industry one can think of. Even Forbes agrees that 3D printing is the future.

Toolbox Studio excels as one of India’s top 3D animation companies that specialises in 3D product modeling. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver our products in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Contact us to see how we can help bring your vision to life through 3D modeling.




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