6 Animated Movies with Messages that Deliver Life Lessons

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April 6, 2015
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6 Animated Movies with Messages that Deliver Life Lessons

Disney Girls Animated Movie

Cartoons aren’t just a source of entertainment. There are plenty of things to learn from them as well.

Kelly Loosli, director of BYU’s animation program, advocates the use of animation in education. Generations of children have learnt life lessons about believing in oneself, the meaning of friendship and love from animated movies. “When you engage a child in animation, you can convey messages strongly,” Loosli said. “Animation allows kids to drop their guard and go into an imaginary world. The messages come through even more vivid.”

We have been witnessing this for a while now in our movies and some of the messages presented are just what kids today need to learn. Here are our top picks of animated movies with messages that will warm your heart and teach you lessons about life best learnt from an animated character.


Animated Movies with Messages that are Worth Remembering

1. Toy Story

Toy Story, animated movie

Child psychologist David Elkind says that most children have a feeling of being the center of attention that can lead to a sense of invulnerability. Though through life situations, they eventually learn that they are just a part of the bigger picture, animations are a good way to subtly but effectively introduce them to this reality earlier on. One movie that did a great job of presenting this lesson was Toy Story when Andy is suddenly replaced by the new and shiny Buzz LightYear toy.

2. Finding Nemo

Finding nemo, animated movie

Yes, it is an adorable story of young fish looking to see the world and a loving by paranoid father fish refusing to allow it. The story of the young fishes capture and his father’s heroics to save him is a lesson in family love that cannot be forgotten. But there is another message in the very adorable movie that is a little more subtle and comes from the ever-comic Dory, just keep fishing! A brilliant way to tell kids that no matter what the challenge or disability, you never give up.

3. Up

Up, animated movie

In today’s world where the wheels never stop turning, it is easy to lose sight of what matters and the ones you love. And that is the message that the beautiful animation in UP holds for the young and adult audience alike. Don’t wait to lose someone to realize how much you loved him or her, take the time to spend with them now. A lesson that the world will always need to be reminded.

4. Kung Fu Panda

Kung fu panda, animated movie

The biggest lesson every kid needs is to understand the importance of confidence and belief in oneself. And when the message is delivered by a really adorable and large Panda, there is no way anyone is going to miss it.

5. Ice Age

Ice Age, animated movie

NYU Child Study Centre published in an article that, “Research shows that children with friends have a greater sense of well-being, better self-esteem and fewer social problems as adults than individuals without friends,”

The ice age is all about 3 unlikely animals getting together and forming a friendship that beats even the odds of death and danger to get a child across the ice cap to his father. Maybe breaking the boundaries of a playground won’t seem so scary to our young ones after this movie.

6. Wall E

Wall E, animated movie

The tale of two robots that fought all the odds and fell in love is just too cute to ignore but this tale also came with a more subtle but scary message. It very clearly said that if we humans went about polluting the planet the way we are, soon we will need to head off to space just to survive! Maybe growing up messages of this nature will make our next generation more sensible when it comes to being green. One can always hope.

7. Over the Hedge

Over the hedge, animated movie

Deforestation is really not something we worry about much but when these animals wake to find their forest cut down and a whole bunch of houses there instead, it seems a lot more real.

Maybe we need a few more such animated movies with messages coming out and soon. And these are just some of the ones that you have seen the big screen. Animation services play a big role in education industry today teaching kids not just life lessons but also lessons they need to acquire skills needed professionally.





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