6 Brands that Nailed the Secret to Video Marketing

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6 Brands that Nailed the Secret to Video Marketing

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 Some brands just know how to get things done right and this extends to video marketing campaigns too. Not only did they spot the avenue early on in the game, they came up with videos that people still talk about! Here are five such videos that were made to stay and be spoken about.


Dove Real Women Real Rewards


Dove really nailed this campaign back in 2012 and it is still one of best-known campaigns till date! This promotional yet socially centred video by Dove focused on women and their perception of themselves. Bringing in Gil Zamora, a FBI trained forensic artist, Dove asked women to sit behind a curtain and describes themselves and then asked an absolute stranger to describe the same woman. The images of the same woman when described by strangers was a lot of flattering and accurate than when they described themselves. The results were not astonishing but it definitely forced women to open their eyes. According to the data 54% women confessed that, they were their own worst critics.

What did they achieve with the video?

Generated record-breaking online interest with 114 million in the very first month. This was because Dove took the effort to make the video in 25 languages and put up on 33 of the official channels. The video really struck a chord with the customers and got them over 3.8 million shares in a month and 15000 new followers on their YouTube channel in a span of 2 months.

Dove and their agency Ogilvy and Mather took home the Titanium Grand Prix in June 2013 for this campaign that set the standards for those that followed.


Lays – Crowdsourced Crunch

Lays outsourced the creativity and created a frenzy on social media when it did the “Do us a Flavour contest”. It created a frenzy among all the chips junkies telling them that their opinions matter and will be heard along with giving them a say in product development.

What did they achieve with the video?

It created close to 4 million flavours, boosted their online fan base to thrice the initial, and boosted their sales by 12% around the United States of America.


Poo-Purri-Toilet Humour

Are you looking from moving to mainstream from the novelty product segment? That is exactly what this video “Girls Don’t Poop” did for Poo-Purri. The video features an elegant young woman who takes toilet humour to a whole different level and presents the product in such a shiny light that by the end if the video, you want to buy it!

What did they achieve with the video?

Within the week, the video has 6 million views and over 278,000 shares. It was spotted on sites like the Huffington Post and mentioned by Ryan Seacrest on national radio. Ultimately, it increased their Facebook fan base by 354%.


Now let’s look at some of the latest video marketing campaigns that have been shaking the box!


Budweiser Lost Dog

Budweiser has done it again this Super bowl! Their ad was adorable and moving but their follow up video featured above certainly got social media going with constant updates!

What did they achieve with the video?

It ranked on the first position as one of the best campaign this March and got Budweiser a true reach of 44,699,311.

T-Mobile – #KimDataStash

The power of selfies met its full potential when T-Mobile got together with Kim and came up with this campaign!

What did they achieve with the video?

Ranking second on the list, this video gained them a true reach of 14,770,579.


Bud Light – #UpforWhatever

Real life meets Pacman and only because of Bud Light. Who would have thought it would be this AWESOME!

What did they achieve with the video?

This video has got them a true reach of 10,610,316 with the making their stand as a brand as clear as possible. It was ranked third on the list in March this year.


In all these brand campaigns, what stood out is effect that the videos had on the viewers and that is what you need too. Contact us to find out how you can make it happen for you!