7 Amazing Motion Graphics Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2017

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7 Amazing Motion Graphics Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2017

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We are proud to call ourselves a top motion graphics company in Pune. But with that label comes a responsibility to keep up with the latest trends in VFX and animation, so that when you hire Toolbox Studio’s services, you know you are in professional, industry savvy hands.

To that end, here are 7 predictions for the most exciting motion graphics trends in the year 2017.

1. Matte Flat Graphics

This animated retelling of The Wizard of Oz story is a prime example of the trend to come of matte graphics. Only two years ago shiny, chrome and 3D graphics were prevalent in every form of animation and VFX. Throughout 2016 however, animations with simple colours sans all the sparkles have proven to be entertaining, uniquely charming and easier to create. Such matte animations bring across concepts and stories clearly, making it a go to for many motion graphics artists. Put together with the fact that these graphics are often cheaper and less time consuming to produce, you can be sure you will see them a lot more in 2017.

2.Simple Animated Iconography

Following in the same line is the growing trend of companies simplifying their logos. Minimalistic seems to be the way to go with an added simple animation to give it a memorable, on screen flourish. This creation for example is one of the many motion graphics services contributing to the rising trend, while this is the type of simplistic logo animation combined with the flat graphics trend that you are likely to see in the coming year.

3. Whiteboard Animation

A fantastic way to keep viewers engaged while explaining an important concept, whiteboard animations have been seen here and there for a few years. Examples include the ‘Draw My Life’ videos that many YouTubers created to connect with their fans. However, these whiteboard animations can even be used to sell a product or service, as is evidenced by this video for a real estate agent, or to address a social issue in a gentle way, as seen here. Whiteboard animations are also effective as training or instruction videos.

4. Virtual Reality Storytelling

Perhaps the most exciting and delightful of all the trends is virtual reality storytelling, in which the story of an animation takes place in a 360 degree space, with the viewer interacting with arrows to follow the subjects. This format of storytelling has huge potential because it physically engages the viewer, requiring them to really pay attention to get the story. Try it for yourself in this video! Unfortunately, there are fewer of these animations out there than we’d like to see, but hopefully 2017 will bring in a whole lot more. 

5. Kinetic Typography

The versatility of words combined with fast moving visuals makes kinetic typography another popular motion graphics trend. Whether it is to outline the lyrics of a popular song, like here or to explain an abstract concept, like here, the duo of words and animation makes this form of motion graphics ideal for explanation videos, illustration of theories, promotions or even to talk about sensitive topics such as abuse or discrimination. An endless number of organizations can benefit from a well-designed kinetic typography video, which is why we’re convinced we’ll see more of them in 2017.

6. 2D 3D Mixture

In a previous blog article in August, we defined isometric projection animation as one of the breakout trends of 2016. This trend, which you can see here, is going nowhere on account of its numerous pros. A mix of 2D and 3D in motion graphics allows creators the benefit of a cheaper production cost without compromising on the quality or appeal of the video. These videos are often visually distinct from the videos we have become used and have therefore become a great way to explain a complicated process or to create an addictive game.

7. Retro Themes

Remember 1982’s Tron, a movie based on an arcade style video game? The neon suits and colourful motorcycles became iconic, not only for their striking visual appeal but also because the effects generated for the movie opened up a whole new avenue of motion graphics. That same iconic style is making a comeback today, in videos such as this and this, showing that the use of such a throwback style can help to bring almost any idea across.  With presets of the retro style being added to software such as After Effects, there is no doubt that retro themed videos will make a strong appearance in 2017.

There they are, the 7 motion graphics trends to keep an eye on in 2017. And as enthusiasts for all things motion graphics, we couldn’t be more excited to try and bring these trends to motion graphics in India. You might just see one of these in one of our 2017 projects!




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