8 Silly Mistakes in Disney Movies You Never Noticed

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August 25, 2015
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8 Silly Mistakes in Disney Movies You Never Noticed

8 Silly Mistakes in Disney Movies You Never Noticed


Silly mistakes in disney movies

Who doesn’t love animated movies? Every child has a few favorite characters that they wish they could be. Animated movies are guilty pleasure in the world of adulthood. But we bet, even they didn’t realize that there were human errors in their favorite world of animation.

Here are list of movies goof ups that you may have ignored.

Tangled (2010)

Towards the end of the movie, Flynn is lying on the floor after being stabbed. There is a shot where he reaches up with his right hand and pushes Rapunzels hair behind her ear. His forearm is clearly visible with no shackles. However, in the next shot, they suddenly appear on his arm. The amazing power of true love, it does set you free. Even if for a few seconds.


The Little Mermaid (1989)

In the scene where Grimsby is giving the statue of Eric to the prince, one of the crew members shirt changes color from white and black stripes to blue and black stripes. Buy one get one free eh?


Alice In Wonderland (1951)

When Alice shrinks in the forest, after eating the mushrooms, you can see both the pieces untouched. Even though, she takes a bite from both the pieces.  Chocolate ice- creams forever we say!


The Lion King (1994)

Nala’s eyes changes color, from blue to green and back again quite a few times in the movie. We wish our eyes did that!


The Jungle Book (1967)

When Col. Hathi inspects his troops, his stick breaks at the bottom because he leans on it. Yet, in the next scene, the stick is still complete. This happens a lot of times in that scene. Somebody sure knew how to fix sticks real fast in the jungle!


Peter Pan (1953)

The mermaids’ splash a lot of water on Wendy, you can tell her hair is wet because it’s all droopy and hanging down. Then in the wide shot, her hair is perfectly dry. Give us the magic formula and we will have a bad hair day again.


The Princess And The Frog (2009)

Tiana is seen wearing a pair of gold earrings during Charlotte’s ball. They suddenly disappear in a shot and reappear later. We are just glad she found the lost item. Can’t afford to lose gold anything!


With story lines this great, we are sure nobody minds these silly mistakes. To err is human, now isn’t it?






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