Explainer Videos and the World of Healthcare

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Explainer Videos and the World of Healthcare

Explainer Videos and the World of Healthcare



Explainer videos are a much needed form of content today! The popularity of explainer videos has boomed over the past few years; reason being its affordability and effectiveness in developing a business. Not only do they increase your conversion rates, but also are a great marketing tool to improve your sales and to clarify the uses of your product.

Explainer Videos Helping the HealthCare

Something that is easy for a healthcare professional to understand is often difficult for the patient. An explainer video can be a great resource for educating patients or explaining a complicated issue. Alternatively, they can also be used to educate nurses and doctors about new practices. It can also be used by sales representatives to quickly explain what a new product has to offer.

ToolBox Studio and How We Can Help

Do you have a specific message to deliver? Maybe you want to show a Doctor why choosing your medication is the right choice to make? That is exactly what this company needed as a matter of fact. And is exactly what we helped them do!

Project Update:

Every medication or healthcare product has a lot of instructions and steps that need to be followed. Their products are the same. When we visited them, they had multiple brochures explaining what the product did and how to use it. These brochures were distributed to doctors and sales representatives. With our help, they could successfully convert each of these brochures into a digital video. Now with the help of a web application, everyone can scan the barcode and have access to this video. We turned a few sheets of paper into a 1.77 minute video. A video that is quick and easy to access. And it is just as informative as the brochures.

We follow a set procedure when making any kind of video. Here are the steps we took while creating this video.

The Message:

The process begins with us taking the time to understand what the client needs and what message you want to send across. In this case, the client needed a video that shared all the information related to their products and so we converted everything the brochures had into a short video. We decided we would explain what the product was. What the active ingredients are. If there are any risk of side effects and finally, how to prepare the product for administration.

The Script:

Since the general idea of the message was prepared. It was time to give it more structure and decide what will happen at each point in time. Our team created a short script that would support the message we wanted to deliver. They scanned through the brochures and came to a conclusive script. A script that provides all the important information and yet keeps the video short in length.

The Animation

The next step was to add animation to make the video look interesting and yet convey all the information in a clear and constructive way. We didn’t require a character for this particular video, so we stuck to simple animation that showed how to use the product. We also used text to convey the message across.

The Voiceover

A voice over is the next important aspect of making an explainer video. We put together a few high quality voice sample but finally decided to go with a male American accent for this video.

And that is one video complete. We still have a lot of projects to carry out for this particular company. We have many more brochures to go through and convert into digital videos. These videos will contain more information about the product and elaborate graphics will also be used.

Here is a peek at what the video looks like today!

Vaccine from Toolbox Studio on Vimeo.

The above video is an explainer video of how to use N Vac, a vaccination for measles. It first begins by explain when the vaccination should be given to children. The video further goes on to explain why there won’t be any side effects to anyone using this vaccine. Finally, it explains how to prepare the vaccine for administration.

It explains to a customer how and why this product, in this case a vaccine, will be a good choice for your child. At the same time, it also explains to the doctor and the nurse on exactly how to prepare the vaccine. This explanation takes way any the chances of mistakes being made. Overall, it takes care of two groups of people in mere 1.17 minutes.

 That is the beauty of an explainer video.

If you run a business, the benefits of a professional business explainer video for you are too many to ignore. An explainer video is a boon to the healthcare industry. It makes learning new techniques easier and safer. It helps a patient understand a complex issue and in the end it just makes the world a healthier place. And that is was a great pleasure working on this!