Everything You Need to Know About 3D Industrial Animation Videos

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Everything You Need to Know About 3D Industrial Animation Videos


Imagine that you’re a prospective business hunting for a suitable vendor to fulfill your current manufacturing requirement. Let’s say you meet two vendors:

Vendor A

A monotonous power-point presentation with different photographs runs over at the meeting, displaying technical jargon, which is a bit difficult for you to comprehend. The vendor has goodwill and years of experience to their credit.

Vendor B

Relatively newer in this field, the second vendor instead uses an animated 3D model explaining the final output in a clear and realistic way, breaking down intricate technical processes by giving a visual walk-through.

Which vendor would you choose?

Some might choose the first vendor for their reputation & experience. But we won’t be surprised if many chose the second vendor over the first one. There are many reasons – they clearly showed how their product or service worked; as a customer, you know the outcome you should expect. Besides, the second vendor went to the length of getting a detailed, high-quality industrial video made, complete with animation that visually answered your questions and showcased benefits.

And that, is the essential advantage of 3D industrial animation.

Industrial animation videos are proven to make marketing content much more engaging and can explain technical aspects and processes using a medium that any target audience can understand – video.

Industrial animation videos stand out from traditional marketing methods, and help many core industries grow their online visibility while engaging a new generation of clients who love consuming quality video content.

Modern industry is a blend of complex machinery, highly advanced technology, and complicated process workflows. Industrial animation is a cost-effective solution that can explain processes to prospective clients, showcase products and USPs, and impress them – even before your first meeting!

You no longer have to explain technical concepts and risk sounding complicated and boring – the animation video will do all that and more for you. With industrial animation videos, you can present complex ideas visually, use 3D animation to communicate technical illustrations, and display internal dimensions and processes with clarity.

Let’s take a look at how 3D industrial animation can benefit both client and vendor.

Benefits of Industrial Animation Videos

1. Visually appealing

By using visually stimulating images, different camera angles and lighting, and interactive techniques, you can emphasize particular details, simplifying technical processes and lending a hand to your marketing and social media management teams. Additionally, dimensions such as internal diameter, height, and width can be presented visually, which is preferred over numbers and text that need a lot more time and effort to be understood.

2. Cost-effective marketing solution

Instead of using a camera to capture multiple live videos, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort with 3D animation. 3D industrial animation videos are great for seasons with tight budgets. Plus, these videos are great for sharing on social media or for your website; you can easily make them available for your marketing campaigns across various platforms. Industrial animation videos can also be customized, making them nuanced enough to deliver your message to different kinds of audiences.

3. Show what photographs can’t show

You can’t always slice a product in half to explain how its interiors and components look like – but you can do that with 3D industrial animation. You can up the ante while presenting prototypes and upcoming models to prospective clients with impressive videos. You can show assembly and components in exploded views, in smooth motion. There are also practical advantages – you don’t have to worry about getting rid of dust, oil, and other types of contaminants before shooting, or add emphasis to a particular section with the help of lighting – something you can’t do in real life.

4. Works when traditional ways don’t

3D industrial animation is a go-to when traditional methods are not viable. There are times when you just don’t have the bandwidth to get a team to ideate, script a product video, photograph machinery and schedule interviews, especially when budgets do not allow for it.

Industrial animation videos are your way around all that.

5. Helps present quick modifications

When your team needs to change a particular design, the modifications can be shown easily in animation videos; you could make changes in the 3D model and present it in action in a 3D animated video to show how the design changes impact outcomes. 3D animation videos are uniquely able to show the design changes (and implications) to senior management and clients until they are satisfied with the new output or process.

6. Wide applications in various industries

• Architecture

Architects can make excellent use of 3D industrial animation, to help clients visualize a project along with landscaping and other elements, show exact measurements, and display the interiors to give a realistic feel.

• Engineering

Industrial animation videos make it possible to visually integrate details in the structure of a building or a machine. Construction engineers can explain blueprints to potential customers effortlessly with the help of this tool.

• Manufacturing

You can easily explain a standalone process or an end-to-end process with the help of animation, while using lighting and various camera angles to highlight select USPs.

Examples of 3D Industrial Animation Videos

Tata FICV (Kestrel) Armoured Vehicle – 3D Animated Video

This 3D animated video shows a stereoscopic animated simulation of a concept Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) by Tata Power SED. The concept vehicle video was to be showcased at a leading expo in India, and Toolbox Studio developed the entire simulation in less than 30 days to meet the timeline.

The 3D animated video presents the FICV’s capabilities as an 8×8 amphibious wheeled armoured personal carrier for the Indian Army, along with a water simulation sequence.


Steel Manufacturing Process – 3D Animation Video

This video uses 3D animation to take you the entire process of steel manufacturing. It displays the sophisticated machinery used by the manufacturer and gives a visual overview of the operations in the steel factory.

Cheese Shredding – 3D Animation Video

This explainer video shows a process of cheese shredding a cheese factory in detail, right from cheese disintegration to QC to packaging, while displaying the complex machinery. It makes good use of camera angles, keeping the viewer continuously engaged, thereby making an otherwise routine process interesting.

3D industrial animation videos are a great business asset with multiple advantages and can be used for various purposes. More affordable than traditional live-action videos and more convincing than 2D models, you can get custom 3D animation videos created for your business with the help of seasoned animation video production partners.

We help businesses showcase products, processes and brands creatively, with designs and animation that make a long-lasting impression.

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