Before and after VFX scenes How Suicide Squad (2021) was filmed

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October 26, 2021
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Before and after VFX scenes How Suicide Squad (2021) was filmed

Suicide Squad Before and After Scenes

Before and after VFX scenes: How Suicide Squad (2021) was filmed?

There is a reason why superhero movies across the world have become so popular in the past two decades. Technology has advanced to the point where filmmakers can depict superhero characters and their adventures with engrossing experiences. CGI (computer-generated imageries) and VFX (visual effects)  have grown exponentially, and now the filmmakers can craft sequences with realistic accuracy.

In film making visual and special effects play as big a role as the film actors. It is especially apparent in films where the eye-catching and dramatic visuals take center stage. These effects cannot easily be replicated with props or set designs.  From Jungle book to Sea Monsters exploring great frontiers, special effects (SFX), visual effects (VFX), and computer-generated imaginaries (CGI) have opened the doors for the filmmakers to turn their imaginations into reality.

Toolbox Studio is one of the leading VFX companies that reveals before and after scenes of visual effects work on Suicide Squad! All these images are via Moving Picture Company/Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad- VFX

The Suicide Squad is one of the best DC Universe films of all time. It is James Gunn’s 3rd superhero action-adventure for its creators and producers from a one-stop cross-media production company, Sar of sky. Winter and Mary supervised 700 shots for this film, working outside of the rail station. And, inside the rail station, VFX shots were handled by Sony Image works.

 Suicide Squad (2021) Vfx Scenes- Toolbox

This film is about wall-to-wall action. You will see the most dramatic fight scenes here in this film where visual effects (VFX) are used. A great environment is given to craft the characters and scenes.

Let’s have a look at the kick-off before and after scene from The Suicide Squad:

The iconic fight scene reflected in the peacemaker’s helmet

This is one of the most iconic scenes shot in The Suicide Squad showing Peacemaker and Rick Flag battling out via a reflection. Let’s know how this moment came to the life:

According to Gunn, “We shot the fighting shot from where the helmet is turning with the action & then shot the helmet turning around it at the same speed & then used VFX to wrap the 1st footage (along with plates of everywhere else in the room) onto the helmet.”

While this shot only lasts a few seconds, but it has left a major impression on the audience.  And, all this was done through VFX. The VFX companies have worked hard on merging the current scenes with new footage with the body doubles.

The Suicide Squad has a sense of realism, as the VFX team was careful to produce as many practical effects, sets, and costumes.  We all know that Superhero movies are a tricky beast to pull off. There’s a lot of visual effects and action involved.

Harley Quinn will have multiple weapons and outfits

VFX companies in india - Toolbox Studio

In The Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn will be armed with lots of outfits and multiple weapons. Multiple visual effects will be there including a fighting scene along a stream of animated flowers. The VFX companies have added amazing and practical effects to the scenes to make it a reality.

Certain portions of the film needed the generation of CGI environment. Every shot with VFX was shot over a green screen to give it a great effect. It looks extremely real! Do watch the scenes to see how VFX companies have worked hard.

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