Impact of Commercial Videos on Consumers Best Way to Lure Them

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September 28, 2021
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Impact of Commercial Videos on Consumers Best Way to Lure Them


Impact of Commercial Videos on Consumers – Best Way to Lure Them

We all have heard before : “Content is King”! But today, the phrase has been changed to “Video is King”!

Isn’t it? But how can one make it a king of their marketing strategy? Let’s understand how video marketing improves your engagement with the target audience and is an effective means of promoting your brand.

What is Video Marketing?

With more than 50% of consumers wanting to see commercial video content from top brands or businesses, video is something that your business can not afford to ignore. The main key to commercial video production is to tell a compelling story of a business/brand in a concise way.

Usually, a commercial video promotes a product, service, or brand. The goal of video commercials is to raise awareness among the audience, acquire new leads, nurture existing consumers, and increase conversions.

Video marketing is a promotional video that plays before, during, or after streaming content.  According to some marketing experts, video advertising/marketing is to include display ads with video content

In today’s competitive market, it has become important for marketing experts to grab consumers’ attention through ads and sales promotions. The trend of using social media platforms for advertisements and product display videos is growing. In such fierce competition, businesses must know the best practices for capturing and retaining consumer attention. What matters the most is tailoring advertisements to the appropriate context.

As a passionate commercial video marketing company, Toolbox Studio understands the need for visuals in marketing and offers the best commercial video production services which are quick and reliable. We also provide corporate/ commercial video samples to our clients to update them with all our new projects and the latest trends in the market.

What Does A Commercial Production Look Like?

Whether it’s TV, social media, or the web, commercial video production must be focused on your brand and goals. A commercial video doesn’t need to be a big production, but it must have a clear hook and an authentic concept. Watching commercial video samples is important to get a clearer idea before you begin. Start by compiling video examples from your competitors. Here are some points that say how a commercial video must look like:

  • High-level branding content
  • Motivating call-to-action
  • Generates a buzz and excitement among the audience
  • Share-worthy

When do people pay attention to video ads and why?

It has been found that commercial video content such as ‘how to’ videos has a profound influence on its consumers. According to a report, 5 main video platforms have reached millions of people around the world including:

  • Free-to-air and commercial TV
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • OTT platforms
  • Facebook and other social media channels

To reach a wider audience, organizations need to tap into these mediums. In one study, it has been revealed that about 65% of consumers watch commercial videos on social media platforms. Such video content is found to be 9 times more important than videos ads posted by celebrities to the shoppers.

Product video, explainer video, and testimonial videos are known to increase sales and revenue of any brand when used in conjunction with social media channels.

Let’s understand how commercial videos are impacting its consumers:

  • Simplifies the complicated things about any product and service
  • Its more authentic
  • Products are best seen in action
  • Optimizes content for even the lazy visitors

The commercial video ads have brought a true renaissance of digital marketing and have encouraged people too much to buy any product or service from a brand. To impact the audience, building the right and effective video marketing strategy is important. Adding explainer videos, case studies, vlogs (blog posts with videos), storytelling videos, testimonials, and live videos can create a huge impact.

Adding videos to your website can increase conversions. Additionally, it is a must to promote your video on social media channels.

Toolbox Studio offers the best video content suggestions to its clients via commercial video samples and work portfolios. We produce the best commercial videos to engage customers with a strong call to action. We not only make ads but we make stories.  Being a full-service commercial house, Toolbox Studio specializes in providing the best audio-video solutions to a range of industries that include education, hospitality, manufacturing, automobiles, IT, entertainment, and more.




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