How Explainer Videos Can Help You Increase Your App Installs

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How Explainer Videos Can Help You Increase Your App Installs

Video marketing

Almost all businesses that have some sort of online presence have tailored their digital strategies to take a mobile-first approach, and for good reason. As the mobile market blossoms, so does the consumption of mobile apps.

In the next 12 months, over 70% of mobile traffic will consume video content, according to Cisco.

There are numerous articles on the internet that explain and cite studies that support the claim that having a video strategy in place for the marketing of your mobile or web applications can result in an increase in the number of app installs.

Several companies have leveraged this medium (explainer videos) to engage prospective users of their apps and experienced the aforementioned results firsthand. Here’s a quick look at two key reasons why videos have become an increasingly dominant force in this space:

1. People love videos

You cannot deny the fact that videos are simply easier to consume and share as opposed to text content or any other content format. Studies show that video content also tends to leave behind a lasting impression, meaning the recall value is higher. When it comes to product or service research, people would rather watch a quick video about it than read a lengthy product manual. In this case, your app is your offering. So why not explain its benefits through a video?

2. Google loves videos

Whether you decide to create a video that is to be uploaded on the app store or one that is embedded on your website, it can result in a massive boost to your rankings. Why? Because Google’s algorithms have considered the widespread popularity and consumer demand for video content. So, when you put a video about your app out there, there is a higher chance of it ranking at the top as compared to simply sticking to a text- and image-based description.

How will you break the clutter?

There are close to 3 million apps on Google Play and over 2.2 million apps on the App Store (apart from the 1.5M+ applications that are available in other marketplaces). Those are staggering numbers given the fact that there are millions of companies who still haven’t jumped onto the mobile app bandwagon yet. This cutthroat competition has led to brands employing novel ideas and techniques to get themselves and their apps noticed. And one huge part of these strategies is the incorporation of animated explainer videos to explain the benefits or features of apps.

Benefits of creating an explainer video to market your app

1. Exposure

Crafting a stellar explainer video for your app’s product page on the marketplace (and/or website) can really expand your reach.

2. Product understanding

Without taking too much of the viewers’ time, you can explain the benefits of your application or offering creatively, thus ensuring that your target group understands what purpose your app solves.

3. Conversions

A huge chunk of your target audience is likely to purchase (or take some action) after watching a video about your product. You can refer to numerous studies and surveys that have been conducted on this front; they will all reveal the same thing. Businesses that have explainer videos for apps have reported a massive boost in terms of sales.

Check out how these four explainer videos do a fantastic job at explaining the concept of the application:

H&R Block Tax Chat


UTI Mutual Fund App

Now Health International

Each one explains the app in a matter of few seconds or minutes, and does so effectively, by using a mix of 2D animation, animated infographics and kinetic typography. If you, too, are contemplating creating a video that supports and promotes your business app, look no further. Get in touch with our team at Toolbox Studio so we can craft a clutter-breaking explainer video for your business!




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