How Medical Professionals & Healthcare can Benefit From Remote Videos & Post-Production Services

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How Medical Professionals & Healthcare can Benefit From Remote Videos & Post-Production Services

remote video post production for medical professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic has put hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide under immense strain. As of 9th July 2020, the worldwide COVID-19 cases exceeded 12,000,000, and hospitals are facing a shortage of beds and care wards.

The coronavirus has caused global chaos and upheaval of all sorts. But it also caused three important changes in healthcare –

Non-urgent medical appointments plummeted – Travel restrictions and fear of the virus spreading through contact led to this change.

Doctor-patient interactions went online – The basic, sense-based diagnosis and in-person communication shifted to consultancy using remote phone calls and video calls (known as telemedicine). Telemedicine has transformed into an integrated service in hospitals, homes, clinics and other healthcare facilities. Technology became an unexpected ally of doctors and patients in this crisis.

Medical and healthcare video content increased – Healthcare providers, doctors, and entire governments helped create informational video content around COVID-19 and other related topics. There was no lack of demand for healthcare video content because there has been a desperate need for accurate and reliable medical information.

Doctors and healthcare teams are indispensable for clear, accurate medical information and communication to patients and the public at large. However, they are spread thin over long hours at work and are under incredible levels of stress. Healthcare must use every opportunity technology provides to spread awareness and timely information, and videos can help in a big way here.

Why Should Medical Professionals Invest In Remote Videos and Editing Services?

To gain your audience’s attention, you need to be available where they are.

● 77% of people use search engines to look up information before booking an appointment with a medical facility.
● 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

Videos are an excellent way to inform viewers about available healthcare services, risks, medical procedures, and safety tips. They reach a wider audience on any given day, and have become crucial in pandemic-like situations because people no longer have the same access to medical services.

How Can Creating Videos Help Doctors and Caregivers?

Explain medical concepts and products

  • Explainer videos are used to demonstrate the working of a product or service. However, these videos aren’t limited to just businesses.
  • Doctors and healthcare facilities can describe ground-breaking medical technologies, preventative measures and treatment for illnesses, common procedures and local medicine, and inform about new products in the market using explainer videos.
  • Medicine can be an intimidating and often faceless field. Videos are helping professionals across the entire healthcare industry provide better customer service at scale.

Connect with patients & caregivers

  • Doctors, physicians and other medical professionals can use videos to follow up on their patients via video updates and announcements.
  • Healthcare facilities can reach out to more customers and can develop better public relations with friendly, helpful, and interesting videos that provide insights into unfamiliar topics.
  • Regular communication with people is essential in times of crisis. Animation videos are ideal for sharing and public engagement, and are easy to understand for various types of viewers.
  • Animated explainer videos can be used to spread awareness, educate about diseases, symptoms, precautions and treatments, and also to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can help reduce anxiety.


  • eLearning videos are effective because they use improved and diverse learning methods, are easily accessible and shareable, and enable high audio and visual engagement.
  • With training videos, doctors can interact with other medical professionals and staff and train them to handle specific medical procedures and processes during unprecedented situations.

However, you might wonder – “This is all good, but how can I have high-quality videos created during COVID-19? Video production teams cannot enter the facility. Besides, there is hardly any time”.

That’s where remote videos for healthcare come in.

Technology, again, comes to our aid in such situations – you can have video content created or repurposed remotely and shared online in a secure manner with the help of professional video production experts. And when you are pressed for time, our team at Toolbox Studio can also look at what kind of videos can be edited or repurposed with minimal input.

The aim being, your video communication for patients or teams can be planned ahead, enhanced and delivered quickly using remote videos.

Type of Remote Healthcare Videos (Made With Post-production/Editing Support)

1. Repurposed Video Conference Recordings – Build context to your current message using recordings from online medical conferences and expert interviews. Such videos can deliver clear insights, inform “what’s next”, and set expectations among patients and teams.

2. Video Updates – You can have educational video content created with the footage you recently recorded, or videos that are already with us. Such videos can be turned into short, easy-to-understand videos.

3. Public Service Announcements – Regularly inform your social media followers or internal teams with the right message at the right time. Video editing can add that professional touch to your announcement videos.

4. How-To Videos & Training Modules – You may have shot a video on how to stitch masks at home. We can turn that into an impressive video that has the visual right next to instructions in the local language on screen for viewers to read while watching.
You can also have training videos shot using our remote or blended production studio – such videos can then be shared with your team working from home. Our video production team can also turn your training outlines into a proper video script for post-production.

5. Educational Animation Videos – Enjoyed by all kinds of viewers, the best part about animation is that there is no remote filming involved. Tell us your requirements and goals, and our animation artists and producers at Toolbox Studio will work with you to deliver engaging, high-quality animation videos that convey your message.

You can also have many other types of videos made remotely or using blended techniques, ranging from explainer videos and promotional videos, to medical product and service launches.

How Toolbox Studio Can Help

Toolbox Studio can help you share knowledge and timely information with your patients, team, or customers. If you are looking to create remote videos for your practice, hospital, or healthcare company, contact us to know about our video production, editing and post-production services.




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