5 Prime Things Needed in Corporate Videos for Attracting Clients

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5 Prime Things Needed in Corporate Videos for Attracting Clients


If you want the voice of your brand, product or service to echo in your client’s mind, what would be a better way to do it than using an audio-visual medium. Let yourself be heard and stand out from the crowd by unleashing the power of corporate videos.

What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are the professional videos created by and for brands, businesses, products, and services to boost sales, generate brand awareness, attract clients, partnerships, or grow the business. Every brand, howsoever small or elite, can leverage the power of an audio-visual medium to create a lasting impression on the target audience.

Why Do Brands Need Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are one of the most effective means of storytelling. With human attention span dwindling day by day, what is not appealing to the eye is discarded with a swipe. These videos allow the brands to show their human side, thus giving a reason to the audience to engage with the brands personally and achieve sales and marketing objectives alongside. You may hire corporate video production services to get an excellent video for your company.

Prime Things Needed in Corporate Videos for Attracting Clients

1.    Make them short, crisp, and precise:

An ideal corporate video lasts for 1-3 minutes. However, if you plan on putting it up on YouTube, you might consider extending it up to 12-14 minutes. The quality of corporate videos is more important than the quantity of your substance. Also, ensure you hook the audience in the first 5 seconds of your video. The message must be bold, clear, and loud for maximum engagement.

2.    Choose the suitable space, wardrobe, equipment, lighting, and music:

Your corporate video must be professional, and it is imperative that you choose a suitable space around the office. Also, ensure that the outfits your characters dress in are in sync with your company culture to provide recall value of the brand. A good quality camera, equipment, and good sound and voice effects also increase the production quality of your videos.

3.    Work on an effective script:

Every corporate video, whichever format it follows, must have a strong story. Decide on the aim of your video, the message you want to convey, and a script in hand with a proper storyboard. If you wish to attract new clients, reinforce the brand among the target audience, introduce the company or a new product into the market, recruit new employees or make a presentation for your investor or any other B2B purpose, a strong script is a key for success.

4.    Add human touch to it:

A significant difference between a human and a machine is that humans feel. And these feelings motivate action. Although straight facts, figures, features, and benefits might be an option, an emotional appeal is more powerful. Show your employees in the video. Establish the company culture for the audience. Add humaneness to your storytelling and introduce feelings and sensory appeal into your videos.

5.    Don’t overboard with a sales pitch:

We understand that the ultimate aim of any brand, product, or service is to sell, yet, a direct and over boarding sales pitch might prove counterproductive. Instead, you can focus on increasing engagement with the brand and building a long-term relationship and rapport with your audience.

Include these in your corporate videos and watch the quality of your production steep immediately. It will also help you attract the right clients in no time.




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