H&R Block Case Study: A Simplified Digital Video on A Serious Subject

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August 1, 2016
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H&R Block Case Study: A Simplified Digital Video on A Serious Subject

Case Study




HR block

H&R Block is a tax filing and solutions firm that has been present in India since January 2012. The company dates its origin back to 1955, when it was originally founded in the United States. Boasting of over 2.5 crore clients the world over, it is the largest tax filing entity in the world. The company has been making large strides in India as well, with collaborations with more than 300 corporates (and counting), and over three lakh tax returns already filed.

The Challenge

H&R Block needed digital video production content to populate on their website – content that would engage and attract potential customers and users, and present H&R Block in a positive light. This particular video was required to highlight the functions of H&R Block, and its primary service on offer – helping individuals file their income tax returns.

The Solution

The solution provided by our team at Toolbox Studio was an explainer video, using production techniques to help present the content in a straightforward and easily graspable manner. The aim was to create a video that would not only comprehensively cover all the needs of the clients, but also do it in a way that did not alienate viewers – a challenging task (considering the subject matter). After all, in isolation, taxation is not the liveliest nor the most engaging subject out there!

The Approach

Creating an animated video production is a complex undertaking, and Toolbox Studio works with its clients every step of the way to ensure that their needs are being addressed and the final product not only matches their expectations but also surpasses it.

To this end, here are the steps that were undertaken from the beginning to the end of this particular project:

  1. Script

After the brief was received from H&R Block regarding what they were looking to achieve from the video, who their target audience was, and where they wanted to publish the content, a script was prepared. The script is a textual description of the dialogue and accompanying visuals in the order it will appear in the final video. 

Writing Script

  1. Storyboard

The next step in the process was the creation of the storyboard. This involves actually sketching out the pertinent frames of the narrative to provide the client with a visual context of how the final production will appear. Everything from the lead characters, to the graphics involved, and the actions performed throughout the video were portrayed here for H&R Block’s perusal. 

  1. Voice Over

Recording the Voice Over (or VO) was the third step in this production. A VO plays a very important role in the video. It provides key aural narratives and drives the audio aspect of the audio-visual production. Everything from the accent, to the style of speech, language, pitch, and timbre are important. Various pertinent choices were offered based on the needs of this particular video, and a decision was made by H&R Block regarding which one they preferred.

  1. Outlined Animation

After the voice over is decided upon and recorded, an outline of the final animation is created. At this stage, H&R Block had the opportunity to see exactly what the final product would look like, and make any changes they needed to the content and its presentation. 

  1. Background Music

After the animation was approved, it was time to make the final touches. The most important of which is the addition of a background music score (BGM) to the production. The background music sets the tempo of the production and adds another layer to it. Potentially awkward silences are filled in, and the score provides a complement to the VO, underscoring it when presented to the viewer.

Background music

  1. Final output

Only after a suitable background music was selected and added to the production was the final video complete. The video begins with a light-hearted take on taxation and the trouble it gives people, portrayed through the animated lead character. Next, viewers are given a step-by-step guide through H&R Block’s taxation support service, while highlighting salient features (like the availability of live chat). The fact that the service is free of cost is also highlighted, and the video ends by reminding viewers of the client’s brand and forte.

Watch the H&R Block Tax Chat and Tax Pledge videos to see the final output for yourself!

The Result

At the end of the process, H&R Block had a video that achieved the preset goal – a production that conveyed how easy it was to pay taxes through the medium of a fun, attention-retentive animated short video, which simplified the content, yet provided all the necessary information to the viewers. The content was still the most important aspect of the video, but it was presented in a manner that would make it more receptive to those watching it.

Has your brand invested in digital video marketing yet? It is one of the top trends in the industry right now, and if you are steering clear of this brand-building and advertising machine, it is time to rethink. Contact us to know how we can do for you what we’ve been doing for our beloved clients over the last 8 years. And keep an eye out on this space for more such awesome case studies along with insights on why content (the message) is king even in case of video marketing.




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