The VFX factor that has metamorphosed Marathi Industry!

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May 14, 2014
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August 7, 2014

The VFX factor that has metamorphosed Marathi Industry!


Marathi films have witnessed a stupendous growth in the last decade, not only in the number of audience visiting the screens but also in technology that has taken the whole experience of watching a Marathi film to an all new level. The films today are far beyond the typical slapstick comedies and are more logical and futuristic. When we say futuristic, we don’t mean that they are delivering something at par with Hollywood but at least the thinking and the approach is right. And who knows, in the coming years they might reach that level too.

The movie ‘Shwaas’ really pumped some oxygen into the ‘about to die’ Marathi film industry.  It broke the clichéd boundaries and made Marathi people visit the screens to watch the movie. Such has been the transformation after Shwaas that multiplexes today are not hesitating at all in providing screens for a   Marathi film and even non-Marathis are going to a multiplex to watch a Marathi film which is good and has subtitles. Films like Fandry have even gone beyond this and have made their mark at various International Film Festivals and have been successful in creating a huge fan base. Just check out the Facebook page of Fandry and you will be amazed at the response it has garnered. And one thing that many of us won’t have noticed is that Marathi films have been winning National Awards on a consistent basis since the last few years.  Unbelievable, isn’t it? But the big question is… what has brought this transformation? Of course, logical and out of the box scripts, good direction, better music and lyrics are the obvious answers.  But what really skips our mind is the main reason that a film ‘catches our eye.’ The Visual Effects!

Marathi film producers are more open to innovation now and they have understood the importance of VFX in a film. In the Marathi Film Industry where the budget has always been a constraint, the producers are now reserving a good amount to be spent on quality VFX.  Because every penny spent on VFX eventually generates an output that’s worth a much more!

Who would have imagined that someday a movie like ‘Aajoba’ which is based on the life of a leopard will be made in Marathi? But today such movie has not only been made but it has garnered rave reviews as well.  Films like Pune 52, Pitruroon, Time Please, and Salaam have impressed not only on the script level but have appealed visually too. And the common name behind the movies listed above has been …Toolbox Studio!

Toolbox Studio, Pune is one of the best studios serving customers for films, post production and animation technology. With an imaginative eye, it offers top-quality VFX and CGI for Films, Titles, Commercials and more. Toolbox Studio animation studio is proficient in handling full length feature film VFX, and it provides additional value to commercials, promos, and TV commercial with its unique VFX team. Right from pre-visualisation to 3D asset modelling, 3D animation, rotoscopy, matte painting and compositing…Toolbox Studio nurtures every element with the best expertise available resulting in the final output to be worth applauded. While you must be wondering about these terms and how Toolbox Studio is exceptionally good at it, let’s try and resolve your doubts.

  • Pre-visualisation: Interpreting the director’s vision, understanding the spectrum of film making, knowing the in and outs of camera and lens selection and understanding the importance of lighting in storytelling is of utmost importance. And Toolbox Studio with its in-house team and live action endeavours does it the best!
  • 3D Asset Modelling: At Toolbox Studio, they create 3D assets such guns, vehicles and many imaginary 3d models according to directors vision. Toolbox makes visualization easy for you by making tailor made 3d assets. Thus Toolbox is first choice of directors.
  • 3D Animation: VFX is a combination of live action shoot and animation. Toolbox Studio with its on-set supervision, concept art imagery yet realistic characters and high quality animation at an affordable cost makes it easy to come out with the best VFX.
  • Rotoscopy: Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over footage, frame by frame, for use in live-action and animated films. Toolbox Studio utilizes every available global digital technology in an effort to make its services cost effective while focusing and delivering the highest possible creative and effective approach to film vfx.
  • Matt Painting: A matt painting is visual representation of any given place, real or imagined, that is too expensive to recreate or far away to visit. Such artworks are necessities in creating realistic backdrop for films. Toolbox has created breath taking matt painting for lot of film projects.

Compositing: compositing is about making complex, visual masterpieces driven by director’s creative vision. With its master compositors, Toolbox Studio delivers more value to its clients. With dedicated resources and team of visual effects artist it specializes in 2D, 3D and stereo compositing that includes-

  • Green screen compositing
  • Motion graphic design
  • Set extension
  • Beauty enhancement
  • Paint

Toolbox Studio has been contributing quite outstandingly, not only to Marathi films but also for International films since 5-6 years. Movies like Pune 52 and Pitruroon have enthralled the audience with their visual effects and have proved to be a benchmark to look up to. And the credit goes to the Toolbox Studio for creating the curiosity and the eagerness to watch these films right from the day the trailer was launched.  And same is the case with Toolbox Studio’s other creations like the very much acclaimed movie Salaam, Time Please, Koknastha to name a few.  And there are more in the making like ‘Gurupournima’ and ‘Baaji’, which will surely take the industry to an all new level

 Toolbox Studio has enabled films to be technically strong and it has fetched much better results for them in terms of appreciation.  And going by Toolbox Studio’s portfolio and the hunger of the Marathi film industry to grow, one can’t really expect anything less than ‘world class’ in the years to come!




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