Toolbox Studio Assessed, Approved and Enlisted on TPN

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Toolbox Studio Assessed, Approved and Enlisted on TPN


Right from the outset, Toolbox Studio has been committed to offer highest levels of quality to its international and domestic clientele across the range of solutions we deliver. And along with superior quality in terms of outputs, there was another aspect that had to be factored while dealing with audio-visual content – security.

Having followed a strict adherence to MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) guidelines and getting the ISO:27001 certification, Toolbox Studio has always been particular about the privacy and security of the material it handles.

Given the company’s relentless focus on data privacy and content security, it is no surprise that the Toolbox Studio has been recently assessed by the Trusted Partner Network (TPN). The TPN assessment approves of the studio facility’s preparedness in terms of content security and data confidentiality. It also reinforces the studio’s conformance with MPAA guidelines.

Trusted Partner Network Assessment Parameters

The aforementioned assessment – a novel way of gauging a content vendor’s security readiness – has been carried out on the following parameters.

TPN Platform is a closed, cloud-based ecosystem, automating content protection process for security readiness against industry-standard content security best practices.

TPN’s assessment is based on criteria that includes:

  • Physical and Digital Security
  • Management Security
  • Application and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Incident Response
  • Process Workflows (including HR processes)
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Asset Management
  • Policies and Procedures

About the Trusted Partner Network

MPAA – Motion Picture Association of America and CDSA or the Content Delivery & Security Association launched an industry-wide content security initiative on 2nd April 2018 – the Trusted Partner Network. The reason for launching a new security initiative was to help prevent any leaks or breaches of film and TV content before they are released. TPN ensures this by amplifying security.

The Trusted Partner Network assessment essentially provides vendors with a cost-efficient way to gauge readiness of their facility, staff members, and process workflows in terms of security.

What Being TPN Assessed Means for Our Clients and Associates

Toolbox Studio is now TPN assessed, which means that we are now listed in the directory as a “trusted partner” who is prepared to liaise with content owners and content producers across the globe. It only goes a step further to revalidate the fact that we strive for the highest level of data security when it comes to our clients’ content.

This is a huge breakthrough for Toolbox Studio, given that the TPN assessment is based on stringent parameters for its audit process. The audit, performed by an independent third-party auditor, approves and reauthenticates the studio’s preparedness in terms of data security and content confidentiality, and our conformance to the Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) guidelines.

Maintaining the highest standards of security is vital to our operations and philosophy. Toolbox Studio is proud to have been recognized by globally-recognized organisations and associations. It only means one thing – we are reliable, just like our services!




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