Our Top Picks: 15 of the Best Corporate Videos for Business

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August 12, 2019
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August 28, 2019

Our Top Picks: 15 of the Best Corporate Videos for Business


A picture speaks a thousand words – imagine what a moving picture can do! People – businessmen, marketing executives, brand managers – often ask why it is important to invest in corporate films. Well, the answer is quite simple, if you ask us.

Corporate films can do for your business what your sales team can’t!

A well-crafted corporate film can not only get the word out in the market about various aspects of your business, but also help you reach out to a wider set of relevant audiences.

Whether it is a promotional video or a sales-driven one, a training and development video or a facility tour, a corporate film can break the shackles and allow businesses to bridge the communication gap by showcasing key elements that matter to the audience.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is an audio-visual production that combines live-action, voiceover, background music, motion graphics and animation (at times) to deliver a business message. Corporate films are a potent tool that companies and brands across the globe are leveraging for different purposes – promotion, training, sales, etc. Whether the goal is to showcase one’s offerings, training videos, trade show or conference clips, self-promote a brand or increase engagement either with the customers or within the company (with employees, board members and shareholders), corporate films are being used as an effective means to create a lasting impact.

What are the different types of corporate videos?

Corporate brand videos or business videos are of different types and are crafted in a certain way depending on the end objective. Here are the most popular types of corporate promotional videos:

  • Product promotion videos
  • Company profile videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Facility or infrastructure videos
  • Corporate training videos
  • Company culture videos

Any business that aims to reach out to its prospective customers and target audience with a message, or wants to convey an idea, or introduce an offering, or simply showcase the company’s overview and capabilities should create a corporate video. Enterprises from across the world, belonging to domains and industries like IT, manufacturing, technology, power, education, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, pharma, auto, engineering and retail, have experienced a certain degree of success with corporate video production.

15 best corporate video examples from around the world

What makes a good corporate video? What are some examples of great corporate videos for business? How does corporate video marketing work?
Here’s looking at some of the best examples of a corporate video, along with reasons why we think they work so well.

1. Risual Corporate Video

Here’s a company video that establishes an instant connect with the viewer, thanks to the generous dose of humour and sarcasm. While it explains what Risual does as a company, it also shows real people and employees as an integral part of the organization, albeit in a sarcastic tone of voice. This informal approach towards the entire production makes it quite different from the hordes of other company videos you will find on the internet.



2. UTP Corporate Video

As a corporate video for the #1 private university in Malaysia, the production of this film needed to reflect this position and manages to do so very effectively. The short video showcases the university’s culture, capabilities, offerings, facilities, diversity and more through slick visuals. The world-class production is ably supported by the carefully-drafted narrative, that also focuses on showing the human side of the university.



3. HubSpot Culture

HubSpot’s corporate video wins in its endeavour to reflect the company’s values and culture by showing us exactly that. It starts with the story of how it all began, talks about the company’s key challenges and how they are tackled, the short- and long-term vision and mission, etc. However, the thing that draws the viewer’s attention the most is the fact that a good part of the video is dedicated to showing the company culture and how employees are looked at.



4. BENTELER Corporate Film

BENTELER develops solutions that make a difference – for their customers, employees and the society. The same is captured in the company profile and facility video, which shows BENTELER’s facilities, people and the approach to how the company makes it happen. The scriptwriting and voiceover add power and conviction to the video and the production quality is classy and elegant.



5. “So Yeah, We Tried Slack…”

Another video that we love, this one takes an entirely different approach as compared to the ones above. The Slack video explains the application/solution from a user’s point of view, where the customers are shown describing the features of this solution and talking about the benefits of using Slack. This unique approach is augmented by the catchy background music and a bit of smart humour



6. Tinsa Corporate Video

This corporate film by Tinsa, a leading valuation, assessment and real estate consultant in Spain and Latin America, is a great example of a typical company profile video. It explains what the company does, demonstrates its growth and expansion graph, highlights key USPs, showcases expertise and capabilities, and includes video quotes from key members of the organization.



7. Living a Richer Life | Airbnb Hosts

There are several ways to convince real estate owners to rent out their extra space, but this corporate video by Airbnb takes the road less travelled. It keeps the hosts at the center of the stage, where they share their experiences and tell the viewer why they listed their homes. Short, sweet and simple, this video has a definite feel-good factor that instantly connects with the viewer.



8. NEXIRA Corporate Video

Nexira is a world leader in natural, organic ingredients and botanical extracts for the food and nutrition industry. The video sheds light on their expertise, facilities, processes and mission using excellent production elements to give this video what it deserves – superior quality. And even though there is no voiceover, the company video successfully gets the message across and works like a charm.



9. Tech Data Corporate Video

Here’s another company profile video that highlights the organization’s facilities, capabilities, services and people with the help of live-action shots and key facts and figures.



10. S Signature Corporate Animation

Breaking the monotony of live-action-heavy corporate films, this corporate business video is entirely animated. It brings to the fore the services of S Signature, a luxury concierge service, while explaining how one can work and live smart with this solution. Using high-quality 2D animation, the video explains the benefits of membership and also gives us an understanding of what the company stands for.



11. Google Interns’ First Week

Google always manages to get their messaging and marketing right. Here’s a conversational corporate video that provides the viewers with an inside view of the company and how interns work here. The video introduces us to five summer interns who share their thoughts on what it is like to work at Google, the company culture, etc. from their point of view.



12. GEFCO. Partners, unlimited

GEFCO Group is a global leader in supply chain solutions and their corporate video reflects the company’s immense capabilities by using visual devices such as time-lapses and quick cuts. The video moves along at a steady pace, keeping you hooked on till the very end with world-class visuals. The video also showcases GEFCO’s technology, solutions and gives an overview of the industries they cater to.



13. ACRE WORKS Corporate Video

Another corporate business video that makes use of time-lapse as a key narrative device, this film is full of expansive aerial views that lend a touch of grandeur and enormity. The video talks about ACRE WORKS company’s approach and expertise in the field of construction, while simultaneously highlighting their solutions, skills, work experience, technology, facilities and certifications. This type of corporate video is great for establishing a business as a trustworthy partner. It also talks about the company’s vision and culture briefly.



14. Three Sixty Property Group – Corporate Video

This sleek and professional company film demonstrates Three Sixty° Property Group’s key areas of expertise and adds powerful voiceover and background music to make an impact.



15. FreshBooks Customer Testimonial – Sarah – Interior Designer

We’ve picked another good example of a corporate video that uses a customer testimonial to explain a business offering. This FreshBooks corporate business video explains it all from a customer’s point of view, where she explains the challenges she faced and why she switched over to FreshBooks. The video also touches upon why this cloud accounting solution is the perfect tool and what its key features are.



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