Top 15 Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

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Top 15 Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

15 Excellent 2D Character Animation Videos by Brands

We are pretty sure you are no stranger to the concept of whiteboard animation videos. If you have had access to the internet and television, there is every chance you might have come across this visual format.Whiteboard animation is one of the most widely used and preferred styles of explainer videos, especially for businesses and brands. They not only make for easy viewing, but also help you dive into the depth of a product or service or any other idea you want to convey.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

As the name suggests, whiteboard animated explainer videos make use of drawings on a whiteboard to explain a concept, convey a message, pitch an idea, promote a product, explain a service or propose a business offering.

Why Choose Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard explainer videos are extremely popular because:

  • They are easy to understand
  • They are very relatable for any viewer
  • They make use of text, illustrations and characters
  • They are equally useful for B2C as well as B2B videos
  • They are relatively inexpensive in terms of production


15 Examples of the Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Our team at Toolbox Studio has handpicked some of their personal favourites – check out our top picks in terms of whiteboard animated explainer videos for business below.

1. Learn how to manage people and be a better leader

This animated explainer video makes use of characters and demonstrates situations using illustrations that appear to be hand-drawn on a whiteboard. The video talks about how one can become a better leader, manager and team player with the required set of skills.



2. How the General Election works in nearly 60 seconds

A fun and quick whiteboard video, this one explains how the UK general elections work by using humour and a mix of drawings and text. The explanation is helped by the illustrations that follow an easy-to-comprehend flow and Rick Edwards’ voiceover.



3. What is WMS?

This BAASS video explains what a Warehouse Management System means by using motion graphics animation along with the whiteboard animation technique. The smart usage of colours, graphic elements and icons is notable here.



4. Oracle Cloud Computing

Oracle’s B2B whiteboard explainer video shows what switching to the cloud could mean for a business and how the company has solutions for your needs. The highlight of this video is that it seems like someone is actually drawing the visuals on a whiteboard with a marker – the perfect whiteboard video, if you ask us!



5. How To Save Energy & Money with Elevations Energy Loans

Here’s another whiteboard explainer video that uses characters and a relatable animation technique to explain how this loan system works. The B2B whiteboard animation video also stands out because of its smart use of colours.



6. Smart Inventory Management through Product Rationalization

This video explains product rationalization and how it can help in improved retail inventory management, enhancing planning, reducing costs and amplifying the customer experience.



7. Knowledge Economy Visualized

Learn what is the recipe for building a knowledge-based economy in smaller countries with this whiteboard video. The animation of the world map and the illustration of the bicycle are some of the standout highlights of the video.



8. IDTechEx Company Introduction

This is another type of whiteboard explainer video that ranks high on our top videos in this list because it is a company introduction video that is classy and concise in nature. With reference to the whiteboard technique used here, you will notice the geometrical precision of the text and illustrations used – making it look sleek, elegant and extremely professional.



9. How does the home buying process work?

Here’s a fantastic example of a process explanation video, which starts with a clean slate and fills up with each detail in the frame, bringing into the fray illustrations, characters and supporting text.



10. Apple A Day – Whiteboard Free for iPhone, iPad & Android

We had to have an app explainer video in this list! This ‘Apple A Day’ mobile application explainer video leverages whiteboard animation to explain the features of the app.



11.Enterprise Feedback Management

Another B2B whiteboard explainer video, this AV explains Enterprise Feedback Management and how it delivers the foundation for capturing surveys to analyze customer or employee experiences through an integrated solution. The video is well-crafted, utilizing whiteboard animation to the fullest, with great character illustrations, work scenarios and a good narrative.



12. Shepherd Premier Senior Living Whiteboard Explainer Video

An offering that is targeted to a very specific sect of the audience, this Shepherd Premier Senior Living video works like a charm. It not only puts forth the proposition, but also leverages well-crafted characters and quality illustrations to explain the features.



13. Tulsa Web Design Firm Kitchen Sink Web Labs Describes What Sets Them Apart

Here is a company video that explains why Kitchen Sink is the best choice for custom web design and SEO solutions. The overview of how they work and why one should partner with them is aptly summarized in this whiteboard animation video.



14. BTECH School Whiteboard Video

Using clever metaphors and highlighting the important features using whiteboard animation, this explainer videopitches a six-year educational program. Crisp and concise, the features are explained well and the tagline of ‘Reimagine Education’ is reflected through the audio-visual content of the video.



15. HomeSquare Home Maintenance Services

Last, but not the least, this one is actually one of our top favourites in terms of whiteboard explainer videos. Using colourful illustrations and the problem-solution approach, the video introduces the viewer to HomeSquare’s home maintenance services.



So, there you go! That is our list of some of the best whiteboard explainer videos by businesses and brands. If you have been contemplating creating a whiteboard animated explainer video, the aforementioned videos must have convinced you to go right ahead.

If you are on the lookout for whiteboard animation video services or wish to create a professional whiteboard animation video for your business, get in touch with our team now!




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