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Toolbox Studio – a video infographic company – collaborates with communications managers, marketers, branding departments and advertisers to create superior infographic video production content that hits all the right notes and assists brands and companies in creating effective communication tools.


Infographic videos are becoming an increasingly popular form of digital assets across brands and industries.

  • Infographics are the highest growing B2B content marketing avenue with an 8% growth
  • Infographics have been credited with a 12% faster growth in web traffic
  • Individuals following directions that include text and illustrations have a success rate that is 323% higher than of those following directions without illustrations

Why it makes sense to invest in infographic video production

Sharing data with a passive audience can be extremely difficult due to the disengaging nature of pure data-driven content. However, the same content can be shared in an enjoyable and easily digestible format with the use of creative motion graphics, complementary music, engaging voiceovers and the means of captivating visual stories.

Whether its internal communications with board members and shareholders, training and seminars for employees, or advertisements and commercials that target potential consumers, infographic videos can be used to disseminate complicated statistics in a palatable format.



Toolbox Studio can deliver creative infographic videos

Toolbox Studio can take your data and convert it into an extremely enjoyable and fascinating video infographic. Our skilled team of animators and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that the output we create for you is one-of-a-kind and of the highest caliber. Take a look at our past work to better understand our capabilities.

Wish to create an infographic video animation for your business?

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