3 of Toolbox Studio’s Best Commercials Till Date

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3 of Toolbox Studio’s Best Commercials Till Date

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A lot of people – business owners, service providers, manufacturers and more, want to crack the code for a good advertisement. What makes for a good advertisement though? The visuals? The quality of the content? The background music? The celebrity that stars in the ad? Perhaps a mixture of all of the above?

The answer is simple. Any ad that successfully conveys the message that the client is looking to convey, regardless of how it achieves this, is a good advertisement. Advertisements come in all shapes, sizes and types. As a commercial video production company, we should know! Whether it’s a dramatic live action piece or a series of hilarious animated commercials, or anything in between, the success or failure of an advertisement is determined by its ability to convey the information that the party commissioning the ad wants it to convey.

At Toolbox Studio, we have made some extremely successful commercials in the past, ones that have left our clients extremely satisfied with the outcome. The thought at the forefront of our every effort is understanding the brief from our clients and not just delivering on it, but delivering beyond it.

Here are our top three examples to show you what Toolbox Studio is capable of in three extremely diverse visual formats.

Toolbox Studio’s three best efforts in terms of commercials so far

1. PNG’s Mystery Woman

Headquartered in Pune, P N Gadgil Jewellers are one of the foremost names in the jewellery industry. A truly global company with stores across India including ones in Maharashtra and Goa, and overseas in the UAE and the United States, the PNG legacy is built on the foundations laid down by the family’s ancestors’ as far back as the eighteenth century.

In this 45-second commercial, celebrated Hindi film actress Madhuri Dixit-Nene showcases the variety and artistry of PNG’s range of jewellery through the means of a riveting traditional dance. The location, costume, and music all lend themselves to the ethos and the atmosphere of tradition, while the modernist approach to packaging the film at the edit table gives it a sheen of style and class.

The resulting commercial married the grace and elegance of Madhuri with the intricate sophistication of PNG’s fine pieces of jewellery.

Here’s a quick look at the making of this commercial video:

2. Center Fruit

Perfetti Van Melle are confectioners from Italy that first started making candy as far back as 1946. A truly global conglomerate, PVM operates in 150 countries worldwide, and contains famous brands such as Alpenliebe, Mentos, Happydent, Big Babol and Fruittella among others in its fold. The company has been operating in India since 1994, and today it has an estimated size of Rs. 5,500 crore. Center Fruit is one of the brand’s most successful products, contributing greatly to this success. The fruity, liquid-filled chewing gum was one-of-a-kind when it launched, and still holds a strong affinity in the market even today.

We were tasked with creating an ad campaign for this legendary gum, one that would be focused not just on the Indian market, but the entire South and East Asian region. The advertisement is set in the cosmos, where soldiers of an intergalactic army enjoy a bit of Center Fruit with hilariously predictable results. The light hearted tone of the ad doesn’t take away from the stunning visuals, and the extensive work that went into making this live-action ad with some detailed visual effects incorporated within it.

You can watch the making of the ad right here:

3. Sir Winston Tea

In India, Tea drinking is a culture that is both much loved and extremely widespread. This culture isn’t exclusive to our country however, and Sir Winston Tea is living, breathing proof of that. A fine tea brand with footprints across Europe, Sir Winston Tea as a brand is built on the pillars of quality and tradition.

Sometimes, simplicity can trump a big glitzy production in terms of conveying the message. This quick ten second animated commercial encapsulate all of the brands values. Understated, classy, and to the point, with classical music and a soothing voice over, the Sir Winston Tea commercial was created for the brand’s Italian market and highlights its quality, aroma and how the brand’s range of products offered a new tea experience.

So there you have it – some of our best work in terms of commercial films. To see more of what Toolbox Studio can do, have a look at our entire portfolio.

Get in touch for any commercial production needs, because as you saw from the videos above, we can help you get the right message across to your customers through a production that echoes your brand values.




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