5 Blunders to Avoid While Creating a Product Video

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October 28, 2016
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5 Blunders to Avoid While Creating a Product Video

Product Explainer Video

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Once you have developed a great product, a product explanation video (or product explainer) seems like the logical next step.

  • You have invested your time, money and the proverbial ‘blood, sweat and tears’ into making your product the best it can be.
  • You might have made mistakes along the way, corrected them and your product is now a magnificent example of your perseverance.
  • And now you want it to shine through your video and make your audience believe in your product as much as you do.

In order to help you do just that, we have put together a compilation of the absolute NO-NOs whilst making that all-important digital product explainer video.

(Source: blackbeltmedia.tv)

Source: blackbeltmedia.tv

1. Remember – It is NOT a Demo Video
The product explainer video is meant for explaining why your targeted audience should choose your product; not how it works. It explains a specific problem and the solution that your product provides. It also shows what makes your product unique. This video is meant to engage your audience and generate interest. Remember, don’t list features—list benefits!

Of course, the how part is equally important, but the video that demonstrates the working is useful in a much later part of your journey with your potential customers.

2. Define the Scope of the Video
One of the biggest mistakes is not having a clear picture of what you hope to accomplish through your video. Before starting on the script and finding a great production team, it is important to have a clear picture of what goals you expect the video to help you achieve.

It is vital to chalk out a plan for the entire journey from the making of the video to its launch as well as a plan for monitoring its success post launch. Defining the scope of the video will ensure that your message is clearly delivered to your audience and your company’s objectives are clearly defined.

If you are making your video in-house, consult the team to choose an appropriate format. If the video is being made by external production house, consult them or other experts to find out what is best for your product. Toolbox Studio prides itself in assisting clients at each and every step of the process so all their needs are taken care of.

Draw up a realistic timeline for achieving your objectives. The planning stage can make or break your video!

3. The Script—Not too Long, Not too Short, Not too Wordy
It is easy to get carried away while explaining a product that is so close to you – so it is vital to stick to the point. Make a clear outline of the script before filling in the details to ensure that the script is developed according to the required outcome.

A concise script is always better than a long, wordy one. Let the visual elements of the video speak for your product as much as possible. People love to be entertained, so try and make your script as entertaining as possible without turning your product into a joke. Remember, the first impression you make on your audience will be a lasting one.

Pro tip: Today’s audiences tend to have a short attention span. Try not to make your video very long. 90 seconds or less is the optimum length for your script.

4. It’s All about Quality!
There are plenty of product videos to watch online made with varying degrees of quality and professionalism. With a vast variety available online, the audience has become more discerning with reference to their viewing habits.

Your video needs to be memorable to make sure your product receives the attention it deserves.

A big mistake people make is to compromise on the quality of the video due to budgetary and time constraints. A product video is not a feature-length film. If money and/or time are an issue, consult your production team to find the best format for your video in order to optimise both resources without compromising on quality.

5. Do not Forget the Call to Action (CTA)
Once your audience has watched your video, it is important that they should know what to do with the information they have received and processed. Should they click to purchase your product now? Fill in a form for more information? Contact you for more details?

Always end your video with a clear CTA. It goes a long way in ensuring that the viewer takes some action after watching your product explainer video. A well thought out CTA will also help you track the success of your video.

Speaking of CTA, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at Toolbox Studio to see how we can help you make the perfect product explainer video for your product!




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