Holiday Marketing: A Great Video Can Help You Break the Clutter

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Holiday Marketing: A Great Video Can Help You Break the Clutter

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The festive season of Christmas and New Year is just around the corner and the internet is the one place that audiences now look to for unique ideas to make their holidays just that little bit more special.

Over the last couple of decades, the internet has facilitated the ability of businesses to extend their reach far beyond their immediate localities. While this has been tremendous in terms of sales, it also means that businesses have lost out in terms of face-to-face interaction with their consumers.

Nonetheless, this can be circumvented by videos that connect. Over the years, we’ve seen our favourite brands strike a chord with us and millions like us through their brilliant videos, whether they’re in the form of digital videos or television commercials – especially during the holiday season.

Holidays are a time for businesses to throw convention to the winds and show their clientele how their products can really make the festive season one to remember. Businesses normally go all out to appeal to their target audiences. But what works? We’ve put together a few pointers that will make your digital video or TV commercial really stand out amongst all the others.

1. Tell a story
Holiday videos do not follow the maxim ‘sell, sell, sell’. They are more about connecting with the audience and appealing to their audience. Tell a story revolving around the festival you are advertising your products or brand for. Weave in how your product is going to make this festive season even more special. It is important to keep the sales speak to a minimum to make it sound as genuine as possible. Of course, the odd celebrity can help bring in the holiday spirit too!

Take a look at Manyavar’s Diwali advertisement that shows how their special line of Diwali apparel can make the season brighter and more delightful.

2. Don’t be afraid to have fun
Holidays are a time for giving and much festive cheer. Make sure your digital explainer video fits in with the holiday spirit. John Lewis, the department store, got it right with this advertisement for Christmas 2016. It, strangely enough, revolves around the family dog Buster the boxer. It shows him watching a couple of foxes, a badger and an assortment of other cuddly wild creatures having fun jumping on a trampoline which has been bought as a Christmas present for the little girl in his house. Come Christmas morning, Buster is the first on the trampoline. This advert is accompanied by the tagline – Gifts everyone will love. Brilliant!

The advert draws in the audience by appealing to their sense of humour (with the dog) and inculcating that sense of nostalgia (of childhood, with the trampoline) that always seems to revolve around holidays while keeping it light, fun and warm-hearted.

3. Don’t forget your product or service while writing the script
While this may sound contradictory to what has been said so far, it is important to remember that this video is meant to showcase your product or service albeit with a holiday theme. Make sure that this does not get lost in the storyline while scripting. This video is an opportunity to showcase your offering – whether or not it is even remotely related to the festival at hand!

Although the festive season might make audiences more relaxed, it is important to make the video short. 90 seconds or less is the perfect length for your product video. Take a look at this Waitrose Christmas advertisement that has kept it short and sweet while driving the message home.

4. Plan and prepare for the season
It is all about timing! Plan your digital video well in advance along with realistic timelines of what you hope to achieve through it. Chalk out a plan for the entire journey from the making of the video to its launch as well as a plan for monitoring its success post launch. Consult your production team to find the best format for your video without compromising on quality. Launch your video well in advance to give it the time it requires to reach your target audience (and to allow them time to act on it).

Get a professional video production house to make your video – it’s the best way to go about it.

5. Include a strong call-to-action (CTA)
As always, it is important to end your digital marketing video with a clear CTA. Tell your audience what the next step is by including one or more CTAs within your video. You could get creative with this – create multiple types of CTAs and then pick and choose the ones that blend into your video without seeming like they have been forced into it.

At Toolbox Studio, we collaborate closely with our clients so that the videos create a lasting impact. Our production teams include some of the finest writers, directors, technicians, editors and artists who make every product (video) breaks the clutter. We cover every phase of making the film including script generation, storyboarding, shooting, filming, editing, graphics and animation and audio.

Contact us to know what we can do for you to make your video really stand out this holiday season!




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