7 of the Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2017

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7 of the Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2017

Super Bowl in United States

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States and one of the most well known the world over. The culmination of the national Football League (NFL) season every year, the Super Bowl is the big game to decide national champions of the football league for that year.

Millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl year on year, with the top seven most watched televised programs in the History of the United States have been the Super Bowl matches from seven different seasons as per this CNBC piece.

The 2017 Super Bowl was no different, as the historic game that culminated in a dramatic victory for the New England Patriots over the Atlanta Falcons, thanks in no small part to the heroics of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. A game that eventually went into overtime, and drew in a staggering 111.3 million viewers as per Fortune.

As a reader, you might be wondering why a commercial video production company based in India would be so interested in a sporting event in the US, even if it is one of the biggest in the world.

Well, the truth is that the Super Bowl is more than just your regular sporting event. It is a cultural phenomenon that resonates across all industries. For example, did you know that the American populace consumes more food only on Thanksgiving? Or that it was estimated that 1.33 billion chicken wings would be consumed on the day of this landmark sporting event? You can get a complete rundown of food consumption in the US during the Super Bowl in this Forbes article. That’s not all though, no, because there are other crowd pulling attractions like the big halftime show. The halftime show typically features the biggest musical act or acts of the world coming in and blowing viewers away with larger-than-life performances, and this last Super Bowl performance with Lady Gaga headlining was no exception.

The Super Bowl’s Advertisement Mania

What interests us, and a lot of the Super Bowl viewers the most though is the advertisements that run during the Super Bowl. These blockbuster commercials are aired during the big game to capture as many eyeballs as possible, and are typically some of the best marketing efforts made by the manufacturers through the year. No surprises that this is the case too, considering that even regular 30 second spots ending up costing up to $5 million at the 2017 Super Bowl as per Fortune. With so many clever, funny and heartwarming ads on show, it is difficult to pick the best but we have taken a stab at it anyway. So here are our seven picks for the latest Super Bowl’s famous ads.

Our picks: Top seven ad efforts during the 2017 Super Bowl

1. Mercedes-AMG Easy Driver

Set to an amazing soundtrack – Steppenwolf’s rebel anthem Born to be Wild, and featuring a bar fight (who doesn’t enjoy a good bar fight?) the Mercedes-AMG Easy Driver commercial doesn’t need much more than that sweet exhaust note from the sleek, silver GT Roadster to set the watching crowds off. Throw legendary actor Peter Fonda into the mix and behind the wheel and you have Super Bowl commercial gold.

2. Budweiser Born the Hard Way

A beer ad with a political message? We sure are living in modern times. The Born the Hard Way shows a fictionalized version of the meeting of the brand’s co-founders as Adolphus Busch has to go throw public abuse, difficulties and unwelcome advances before he finally arrives in St Louis and meets Eberhard Anheuser to begin the Budweiser revolution.

3. Wix – Website makers

Wix have been pulling off hit after Super Bowl hit these last few years, and their latest effort is a winner too. Featuring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham – two of the hottest action starts in Hollywood today, the ad is full of thrills and spills and makes for simple, entertaining viewing.

4. Buick

The Buick Big Game Commercial features supermodel Miranda Kerr and Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton. A hilarious ad that showcases how good looking the new Buick cars are, this one is sure to get people giggling, and has enough star power to leave a lasting impression.

5. T-Mobile Unlimited Moves

Any ad that stars Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski and Terell Owens should be a good one, and it is. Drawing a somewhat tenuous link between the unlimited moves seen in Football after touchdowns and T-Mobile’s unlimited data, the ad is an entertaining one none the less.

6. Squarespace JohnMalkovich.com

Starring the underratedly funny John Malkovich playing himself, this ad is full of swear words, Malkovich’s scary voice and a whole lot of hilarity. A great way to advertise website domain names and a definite winner from the people over at Squarespace.

7. Intel Brady Everyday

A hilarious ad about Intel 360 tech that showcases the company’s product through a series of slow motion shots of MVP Tom Brady doing everyday things. It definitely helps when your brand ambassador is the hero on the night, and when you sneak in a cute little puppy into the video on top of that, you definitely have a winner on your hands (just ask Budweiser!).

So those are our picks for the top commercial efforts during the Super Bowl LI. Do you agree with our list? Which ones did we miss out on that you think should have made it? Let us know in the comments section below.




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