How You Can Drive Brand Awareness Using Animated Commercials (With 7 Business Benefits)

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How You Can Drive Brand Awareness Using Animated Commercials (With 7 Business Benefits)

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Imagine being able to know about a product or service within a few minutes rather than reading a long essay about the same – This is exactly what you offer your clients with animated videos.

They have the creative power that can make lasting impressions on your target audience, ultimately leading to a growth in your customer base.

Commercials with animations promote your brand more effectively and are recognized as a major part of the content marketing effort.  Let’s understand why!

Why is Animation Good for Advertising?

Animated videos are excellent tools for increasing the Business to Business (B2B) sales.

A lot of businesses prefer promoting their products and services through animated advertising. This is because animated commercials are more engaging as compared to other forms of advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, live-action videos, and commercials. More engagement can lead to a higher rate of conversions especially if the messaging wins new customers over with creativity and simplicity.


7 Value-Driven Advantages of Animated Commercials for Your Brand

Here are some benefits of using animated commercials for your business.

1. More Cost-Effective Than Live-Action Videos

Animated videos make a lot of budget sense. Since these are created entirely on computer software, they don’t require the props and equipment that live-action video commercials do. So, animated commercials can be created affordably as compared to the costs required (include the delays and reschedules) for filming a live ad.

2. Drive Improved Return on Investment

Since the costs of production of an animated commercial are low, your business will have better and easier ROIs. Animated videos are wonderful tools for brand marketing and are very effective with regards to brand visibility.

3. Sustain Your Brand Reputation

Real-life advertisements often feature celebrities as their brand mascots. While that is a great idea, it has its own problems. The popularity of the brand or the product is attached to the celebrity, who will be associated with many other brands too. How are you going to make your business stand out in a market flooded with ads?

Animated advertising, on the other hand, can create timeless brand mascots than continue marketing for the brand across the years with undivided loyalty. For instance, Tony the Tiger (Kellogg’s) and Julio Pringles (Pringles) are iconic brand characters that still promote the respective products and hold a unique retain value.

4. Proven to be Effective

Animated commercials are more effective as compared to real-life advertisements. A lot of businesses use animation in the banners that run across their websites. According to some research from Crisp Media, banner ads with animation are 4.5 times more effective than static ads.

5. Convenient Flexibility

Because animated videos can be edited easily, you can conveniently make changes to the same animated video to suit product marketing needs that can change over the years. You can also modify your animated ad as per the latest product updates and this modified ad can be repurposed to various mediums for increased outreach.

6. Build Your Reputation with Innovation

With animated advertisements, you are only limited (rather you are freed) by your imagination. Unlike in real-life commercials, there are no physical limitations in animation. Many creative and distinctive ideas can be executed in animated commercials that are just not possible (or are too expensive) in live-action advertisements. The possibilities are endless.

7. Save Time and Effort for Your Business

Creating an animated ad is potentially time-saving, each time. Live ads require pre-filming, filming, post-filming, editing and a lot of retouching. However, animation takes lesser time, thanks to the user-friendly software and tools.

Some of the most popular brands in the world have used animated advertising for promotion and marketing and have benefitted from it.

  • Google used animation advertising to explain Project Sunroof to its audience. The ad explained how Project Sunroof created a map to show the amount of sunlight that falls on roofs around the world, to help people work out whether it’s worth them investing in solar panels. Google was praised for the consistent tone in this ad, and its ability to simplify complex concepts.


  • Apple and Dropbox often use animation to promote their new products and their features and updates.


    • Marks & Spencer, the U.K. based food and clothing retailer, used an animated film to advertise its “shwopping” initiative, where consumers can bring their used, old or unwanted clothes into its stores, for donation to charity Oxfam that sells or recycles them to raise money to help end poverty. Since 2008 it has raised £16 million ($20.35 million).


Animated commercials are the go-to for many businesses because of their minimal yet outstanding visual storytelling features. If your business has yet to showcase products and services using animation, Toolbox Studio can partner with you to make a winning impression.

To discover how we can help increase your brand visibility with the help of animated videos, contact us or head to our animated commercials page!




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