Graphics in Motion : 15 of the Best Infographic Animation Video Examples

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Graphics in Motion : 15 of the Best Infographic Animation Video Examples

Infographics Animation

The manner in which businesses communicate with their audience has evolved incredibly over time and so have the mediums and formats through which content is delivered to them. It is no secret that marketing departments, sales teams, advertising agencies and digital marketing partners to organizations are constantly on the lookout for the next best thing to deliver key brand messages in a way that supersedes their competitors.

Add to that the modern-day audience’s diminishing attention spans and you are left looking for a means to reach out to them, catch their attention, engage them, converse with them, influence their decisions and leave an impression that lasts long. Phew! That’s a lot of things to do through one single piece of content.

Well, say hello to infographic animation.

What is Infographic Animation? What is an Infographic Video?

We are pretty sure you have heard of infographics (or rather seen them). An animated infographic video is just what the term suggests – an infographic in motion. Think of an infographic that has been converted into a video, presenting facts, figures, content and graphic elements in a coherent manner, frame after frame. Most infographic animation videos are embellished with background music and a voiceover to add to the impact of what is being displayed on the screen.

Why Should You Use Animated Infographic Videos?

Animated infographic videos are just what today’s businesses need in order to satisfy their need to:

  • Deliver key brand messages
  • Promote products or services
  • Make marketing campaigns more effective
  • Explain novel concepts or business ideas
  • Present ideas in an interesting and innovative format
  • Interact with the audience and persuade them to take an action
  • Optimize marketing costs without compromising on quality

These just a few reasons why infographic videos can work for businesses of all kinds. In the list below, you will find that a wide range of businesses from diverse domains have experimented and tasted success with infographic animation.

15 Great Examples of Animated Infographic Videos

Here are fifteen infographic animation video examples that the Toolbox Studio team has handpicked, along with reasons why we think they work like a charm for the respective businesses and topics.

1. Printed books and E-books Infographic/Motion graphics

An animated infographic video that talks about why people still opt for printed books and hard copies when eBooks and tablets have made access to literary material so much cheaper and more convenient. The comparison between the traditional and the modern way of accessing content has been depicted visually, using statistics and smart, animated graphics.



2. $20 Oil Could Be a Reality If This Happens

What are the chances that we will run out of space to stash oil? The US is apparently pumping so much oil that the country is gradually running out of places to stash it – which could potentially impact the oil prices. Bloomberg’s Tom Randall explains it all in this interesting animated infographic video, putting forth the concept using great animation.



3. ScribbleLive Content Marketing Platform

Here’s a fantastic animated infographic that takes the classic problem-solution approach to introduce ScribbleLive – a content marketing platform that enables you to create better content. Touching upon each important aspect of the platform, the video makes excellent use of colours, graphics, animation, voiceover and background music to not only make the viewing experience great, but also demonstrating the solution on screen.



4. GOOD: Jailbirds

Over two million people are incarcerated in the US, which is equivalent to the total population of Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Miami put together. This video presents everything that is wrong with the penal system and how it compares to other countries. The statistics are presented interestingly, using text and animated graphics.



5. Timberland My Playgreen Fund | Timberland

A phenomenal concept like this needed an equally innovative narrative. This teaming up between Timberland and King Baudouin to support green spaces in European cities through a grant program is an interesting initiative that has been explained with the help of a lovely combination of simple animation, cool colours and hard-hitting statistics.



6. Adobe Illustrator Vs Adobe Photoshop

For lovers of creative work, here is an animated infographic video that explains the differences between AI and Ps. The whimsical humour, graphic elements, pictograms and brand colours of Adobe AI/Ps blend to together to deliver a creative video that effectively delivers what it promises in its title.



7. What is Marketing Automation?

Here is another good example of a B2B video that combines the power of text, animated graphics and voiceover to explain how marketing automation works. The usage of statistics and representative demonstration of the process is done smartly and the evenly-paced video not only leaves an impression, but also manages to make its point.




8. Can Printers Create Smiles?

This Epson video puts forth the two things that the company says it loves – printing and bringing smiles to people’s faces. The USPs of Epson printers are highlighted well here, using vibrant colours, a lively narrative and a friendly tone. An interesting aspect of this infographic video is that it also presents a quick recap at the end, summarizing the entire video within a few seconds.




9. Brightpearl Inventory Management Software

Brightpearl’s inventory management solution is made for retailers and wholesalers. The B2B animated infographic video pitches this software by explaining why it is apt for the target audience, after presenting the primary problem. We love the graphical representation of the process of how this inventory management software works.




10. Introduction to Crowdcube

Another company introduction video that breaks the clutter, this one is amongst our favourites. And even though it is relatively lengthier, the well-drafted content and presentation make sure it doesn’t get boring. The dynamic animation of the graphics, smooth transitions and smart use of negative space add to the quality of this infographic video.



11. Chronology of the Universe

A supremely entertaining and enlightening video with a subject that can get anyone hooked on, this awesome illustration of the story of how our universe was created is worth a watch. Summarized in three and a half minutes and aided by a surreal background score, the video’s steady pace, high-quality animation and consistent black theme makes it one of the best infographic videos you will ever see. It is a wonderful example of how an animated infographic video can work like a charm even if there is no voiceover.




12. IDBS Infographic Animation

The IDBS business explainer video is a no-frills, easy-on-the-eye and short audio-visual treat. With simple-yet-effective animated graphics and a minimalistic approach, the company video conveys the message to the perfectly.




13. The Hidden Cost of War | GOOD

How much did the Iraq war cost? This well-crafted infographic animation video maps the estimated cost versus the actual cost, mapping it with reasons and predictions for the future. With a video game-like flow and lots of graphic icons, it is a serious subject that has been tackled well using engaging animation and music – keeping the viewer hooked on till the end.



14. Total Economic Impact of SecureSphere Data Activity Monitoring

This video summarizes the results of a research based on customer interviews, showing how they realized a positive ROI. Essentially a case study video, it establishes the topic and explains it in detail.




15. BP Technology Outlook

This animated infographic video demonstrates how technology could play a huge role in meeting tough challenges in the energy and power domain, while also addressing subsets like transport and climate concerns in the future. The judicious usage of colours, text content and graphics adds more sheen to the slick animation.



How Much Does an Infographic Video Cost?

Are you contemplating investing in a high-quality, high-impact infographic animation video for your business? If you are wondering what an infographic video would cost, here is the answer. Different infographic animated video production agencies and studios have different ways of charging for the creation of audio-visual content. As you have noticed in the list above, each video is different in terms of style, length, subject, treatment and technique. Most companies that provide infographic video production services would take into account these factors, apart from your unique needs, before quoting a price.

If you wish to create a custom 2D or 3D infographic video for your business, get in touch with the Toolbox Studio team to understand our approach, process workflow, cost and other details.




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