How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Engaged With A Well-Defined Corporate Video Strategy?

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How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Engaged With A Well-Defined Corporate Video Strategy?

corporate video for employee engagement

As you might know, most companies and businesses are switching to videos for B2B and B2C engagement. But how can videos be used to improve employee engagement?

According to some studies, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read emails or documents. So, when businesses invest in videos for demonstrating new skills or concepts, the employees are more likely to engage with them, learn from them, and implement them in their workplaces.

Well, there’s more to it, keep reading to find out how you can keep your employees happy and engaged with a well-defined corporate video strategy.

How are Videos Changing Several Industries?

Videos are the new powerful tools in the industry – almost anything, and everything can be explained and promoted using videos!

Here are some amazing statistics –

  • According to Unruly, video ads have the power to increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.
  • Businesses use videos to explain their newly launched product, or to promote their services, or to talk about updates and changes that have been brought about.
  • ComScore stated that after watching a video, 64% of users were more likely to buy a product online. Along with B2C purposes, videos are also very important for B2B engagement.
  • Forbes revealed that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than reading text about a product or service.

Other than these primary uses, videos have another significant application – improving employee engagement.

Employee engagement is one of the most serious challenges faced by many corporate institutions today. It is important to have good employee engagement to make an organization’s individuals feel involved, valued, committed, and connected to the company. Increased employee engagement means better functioning of the corporate organization or body through enjoyment, motivation, and communication. Better employee engagement means higher productivity and profitability. This, in turn, results in better customer ratings and reviews.

How can videos help in improving employee engagement?

  • Engagement

Your target audience is 10x more likely to engage with visually appealing content. Videos help employees to participate with the content by giving rise to conversation starters, increasing interaction on subjects of interest, and augmenting collaboration and strengthening cohesiveness among interdisciplinary bodies.

  • Internal Communications

Videos, when created rightly, can be used as a means for internal communication that gives staff members the ability to connect and empower themselves and fellow members of the team.

  • Develop New Skills

They serve as a great way to demonstrate new ideas, concepts, and projects. By working as an educational source, they empower employees and helps them learn and develop new skills. By developing new skills, they grow both as individuals and employees, and this consistent investment helps them feel like a useful part of the team.

  • ­Explaining Different Procedures

You can even use videos to explain how certain complicated organizational processes work.

  • To Introduce New Products and Services

They can be effectively used to educate employees about a new product so that they can understand it better before pitching it to potential customers.

  • Achieve Organizational Objectives

Corporate videos help bring different staff members to work towards a shared goal, improving team integration and cooperation.

  • Staying Well-Informed About the Organization

Videos make content easily accessible as well as convenient for the employees. This gives them better opportunities to stay up to date with all the developments in the company or organization.

  • Can be Used in Place of Emails for Employee Engagement

According to Implix, an introductory email that includes a video receives an increased click-through rate by 96%. It is clear from this that including videos in emails sent out to employees can boost engagement significantly.

  • Recruitment

A company can also use videos to recruit new employees by giving them an insight into what it would be like to work with them.

      • Recruitment videos can explain the culture of the company, its vision, its mission, the business plan that would lead them there, the opportunities offered, and the cooperation among the team members.
      • Videos give prospective employees an authentic, engaging look at a company, and help them envision themselves in it in the future.
      • Videos can inspire people to work with the company by making them feel welcomed as an important part of the team.


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