VFX Bloopers that Will Tickle your Funny Bone

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July 24, 2015
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VFX Bloopers that Will Tickle your Funny Bone

VFX Bloopers that Will Tickle your Funny Bone


Millions of dollar and thousands of hours are spend in making and editing a movie. But sometimes there are cracks and then there are mistakes. What happens when these two meet you wonder? You are treated to a world of bloopers that will tickle you. Here are a list of VFX bloopers which slipped through the cracks.

Jurassic World

The 2015 American science fiction adventure film directed by Colin Trevorrow, is a movie which tried to use as many real life effects when possible. But even they weren’t spared the usual goof up. The scene when Owen rescues a worker from the raptor paddock, having three raptors in front of him, the shadows of Owen and the raptors are in different directions. Which is not easily caught but once you see it you can’t unseen it.

The Matrix Reloaded

Everyone knows the ever famous burly brawl. After Neo takes the pole for the fight with the Smiths, we obviously have shots of Neo fighting with the pole. In those shots we can clearly see that Neo and the pole are computer made. This becomes even more obvious because before using the pole Neo was crushed into a wall and got all dirty and the computer-made Neo is completely clean. Also, I bet you didn’t’t notice that the pole Neo uses to fight off the thousands of Smiths actually bends quite a few times during the fight.

Ang Lee’s The Hulk:

VFX bloopers

The Hulk by Ang Lee is often called an abomination to the world of VFX. Apart from a Hulk hat was too green to even look realistic there was one blooper that I don’t think everyone noticed. In this scene, the Hulk’s pants looks like a second skin, which in itself looks weird but then add movements like walking and it does this.

Never, in all my years on earth, have I seen pants do that!

Race 2

VFX bloopers, Race 2

In the scene when the Car behind Saif Ali Khan blows up, you can easily spot how the actual car changes into a dummy one. I know that you can’t just blow up cars whenever you want. But making the switch look a little realistic never hurt no one now did it?

The Crawlers aka Troll 3:

In the scene below, if you watch it carefully, you can see that right before the helicopter blows up, it turns into a toy! And here I thought an actual helicopter was supposed to blow up.

Along Came a Spider

A little bit of physics can take you a long way, especially in VFX. The car crash in Along Came a Spider not only looks like it’s been pulled from a low grade game but it defies all the rules of physics. The speed and the severity of the crash don’t seem to match up, nor do the absolutely absurd number of flips that the car performs, before becoming conveniently hooked on some wiring on the edge of the bridge.

Ghost Rider

VFX Bloopers, Ghost Ridder

When Johnny Blaze discovers his transformation into the demon hunter Ghost Rider, he pauses to look at himself in the mirror. There is not a single problem in the scene, except his abs, which are obviously not real.

The Mummy Returns

VFX Bloopers, Mummy

The emergence of the Scorpion King was hyped up from the beginning of the film, but his emergence at the end was downright disappointing. The Scorpion King barely resembles The Rock. At times his eyes seem to melt off of his face. I am sure Dwayne must have been really embarrassed to see this version of him on screen.

Hey now, everyone makes mistakes! Only sometimes, they are hilarious.





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