How Digital Videos Impact Your Branding and Digital Marketing Plans

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How Digital Videos Impact Your Branding and Digital Marketing Plans

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The future of the world will be written with the digital ink. There is very little that the digital world doesn’t give you access to. E-mails replaced the letters and they are now superseded by the social media that quite literally connects you with the world. As the world makes this shift, brands are also beginning to see the benefits of moving their marketing efforts to the digital medium largely. So what part do digital videos play here and how can you leverage it do more?

How to leverage digital videos to boost digital marketing plan

Populate the channel frequently

Viewers like having options. The more they see, the more they want to see and the more likely they are to form a connection with the brand. Isn’t that the main aim with any marketing plan?

Improve audience engagement

Videos have taken up a large portion of the search volumes. After Google, Youtube is where most people looking for answers go. Youtube has the largest number of searches today and is valued up to $40 billion which is 40% more than that of twitter. So what does this mean for a brand? Your target audience is mostly here. Individuals look at videos for two different reasons mostly entertainment and a need for information. And you can leverage both these emotions to create content that can engage them. The biggest of advantages of the audience here is that they have the largest percentage of people ready to talk back and communicate with a brand. Youtube is not just a repository of videos but it is powerful social media platform. Use it well and your engagement can be increased exponentially with considerably lower expenses.

The advantage here is also that the limitations are lower. When it comes to gaining screen time on air with any TV channel which is the traditional mode, it is expensive. You spend a lot of money for a short period of visibility. Online video marketing has neither of these limitations. You needn’t compress you message in a small video. No more saying a lot in a short time. You have the freedom to make as many videos as you need to say all the different things that you want your brand to communicate with the target audience. You can have videos that speak about the brands position, you can have videos that help your customers find answers and have videos that simply just entertain them. All you need is a brand channel and there is no limit to the number of videos you put up.


The biggest advantage with the digital medium is that it allows you to target. When airing a commercial on TV, the targeting that can be achieved is limited. You have control to ensure your video airs at a time when your target audience is probably watching TV, but do you know if they are actually seeing it? With the digital medium, you can actually track the number of people who have seen it and their response to it also. Another advantage is that since, there is so much data on the kind of content that your target audience is looking at that customizing your video to ensure that it will be of interest is easy. This in itself guarantees better engagement.

Integrating videos and web content

The good part about the digital world is that it is in its nature to promote sharing. A lot of brands that have seen a good ROI with their digital marketing strategy will say that it worked only because everything went hand in hand. When all the content that you put up whether a video, a blog or social posts speak the same message, the target audience responds better and the reach is automatically multiplied. When you use a video from your brand channel embedded in the website, it gets even better a response. The digital medium allows all this to be done seamlessly.

Digital video production has worked very well till date! They are highly customizable and when used right can improve brand recall and sales by a large margin. That is also, why they can work for you too.