Increase Brand Awareness and Conversions with Digital/Web Explainer Videos

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Increase Brand Awareness and Conversions with Digital/Web Explainer Videos

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Videos have been making the ranks as the most preferred medium to deliver messages. If you aren’t already one of the brands leverage this medium, here is why you should get around to it immediately.


The influence it has on a decision maker

At the end of the day, it is the word of the decision maker that counts. A videos influence on the decision maker as compared to other forms of content is profound.

60% people prefer video content to written content


The numbers speak for themselves here, especially if you are in a B2C business model. If your customers prefer this form of content when making a decision, isn’t it what you should be delivering?

50% people are more likely to remember video content over text

Staying in the minds of prospective buyers makes all the difference. Increased conversions are tough to achieve without brand recall. With overwhelming statistics that point to the fact that videos are remember better, web explainer videos have the potential to skyrocket your brand recall in no time.

Just in February 2015, Nike took its 4 million following on twitter to 12 million with a video on Instagram!

A third of all online activity is spent watching video

The reason why people are watching videos online are many. Some want information while some are their simply for the information. Either ways, your video has potential to be both entertaining and informative. It is like killing two birds with one stone.


From the perspective of Google and other search engines

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world

People go on Google first and then on YouTube when they are looking for any kind of information. A little work on digital marketing and the chances of getting your video to rank rises exponentially. If you want to rank on Google as it can affect your conversions, doesn’t it make sense to do the same on YouTube.

Videos rank higher on search than text content

Even on Google, a video with the same content will rank higher than a blog. A 2000 or more worded blog can be replaced by a video in no time. There is the added advantage that a smart phone user is more likely to watch a video for a few minutes than read an unbelievably long blog on their phones. And that is where the power is shifting to today, smart phone users will soon dominate the statistics of internet users if you are debating the fact of whether they already do.

Videos get 267% more links than normal posts

Links count and everyone knows it now. The numbers speak for themselves here.

Videos can keep costumers on your site for 2 minutes longer and reduce bounce rates

Bounce rates are a concern for everyone. If a potential costumer isn’t sticking around, he is not going to make a buy or reach out to you. Videos have proven to drop bounce rates considerably!


B2B conversions

Companies with videos on their site saw almost twice the conversion rates compared to the ones that didn’t in 2013

Need we say more? And this was the case in 2013!

Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%

In a world, filled with innovative solutions, getting people to understand what you are offering in itself can be a challenge. With a web explainer video, you are walking into a conversion that is half done already. Can you really ask for more with the competition or barriers that you face in the market today?

50% of users watch business related videos on YouTube once a week

This only goes to further prove our point above.

75% of users visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video

Another statistic that proves that, explainer videos are a sure shot way to boost conversions

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 76%

If your landing page isn’t doing all that well, then it might be time to take a hint from this statistic!


Why are they cost effective?

One of the factors that holds a lot off from making a video is the cost that goes into it. The truth is that making a video is more expensive than writing a blog about your product, solution or service, but there are advantages to it that are far outweigh the cost. You can reuse a video as and when you want, how many ever times you want. Not something you can do with a blog, once it is published somewhere you run the risk of posting copied content by reusing it elsewhere. It can go on your site, on a landing page, on any of your social media platforms as many times as needed. A web explainer video is a onetime cost that makes money for you over an extended period. Plus, if you weigh your options well, then it really doesn’t have to cost you so much either. Contact us to find out how we could make a video that delivers you money within your budget!


Videos make a difference. And the bigger guns haven’t yet entered the playing field. Before this turns into a war that you cannot afford, we recommend you take advantage of it now!




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