What You Need To Know Before You Make Your Corporate Film

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What You Need To Know Before You Make Your Corporate Film


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Corporate videos or films have only recently gained popularity as a medium to effectively convey a message. The bigger brands have been using this medium to gain traction in the online world as a means to establish brand identity and boost recall. After all the online world is a lot less regulated than the traditional means of communication. This trend is now trickling down and many medium or small brands are also getting on board. It is definitely more economical and in today’s world, it has a wider reach. So why not capitalize on it?

As brands get into the process of making it, they come to realise that maybe they weren’t too well prepared for it or they have lost the plot somewhere along the way. Having made a few of these ourselves, Toolbox Studios now has a whole list of questions that we like brands to answer before we begin with the production.

Points That Demand Attention Before The Corporate Film Production


The closer your corporate film is to the core message, the better results you gain from it. These are the questions that we insist for brands to answer helps in creating clarity not just for us in the making of the video but also for them to leverage the production to gain better results.


1. What is your core message?

Every brand has a core message that they want to send out with the film that they are producing. This is usually decided upon when the decision to make a corporate video is made. But the advantage with a corporate video is that it can be a little longer than a regular commercial. We ensure that our clients know that they have the leeway to make some additions to their messaging if they want to here.


2. Who is your target audience?

A good production unit understands the importance of this definition to creating an effective corporate film. We encourage our clients to not just define them also redefine them again. The more specific this criteria, the better aligned the film will be.


3. What are the beliefs and values that the brand gives importance to?

The corporate film usually has one specific message to deliver but it also needs to be reflective of what the brand is all about. It is essential that brand revisits their values and dive into it further to ensure that the same is conveyed across.


4. What is the take away for a customer?

A customer has but one reason for looking up information on any medium. A solution or a suggestion towards a solution. The focus of the corporate film production also needs to begin at the customer take away and consistently reiterate the point.


5. What is the emotion that you want to evoke in your audience?

There is a reason why brands are working on humanizing themselves. Emotions make sales better than facts. So what is the emotion that the brand wants to associate this corporate video with? This is another factor needs to be built into the script.


6. Call to action

At the end of every pitch, you want your audience to react and do something. Why else would a brand make a corporate film? This is the call to action. The entire corporate film will revolve around enticing the audience to respond to this call to action positively. It is essential that this is finalized upon before work on the script.


7. What is your budget?

Always keep a measure of this. A lot of decisions involving the production will depend on this.


Have you been asking the right questions before you get into corporate film production?





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