The Ultimate Checklist to A Kickass Explainer Video: Conversions Guaranteed.

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The Ultimate Checklist to A Kickass Explainer Video: Conversions Guaranteed.

The Ultimate Checklist to A Kickass Explainer Video: Conversions Guaranteed.


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Planning to invest in an explainer video? You know the videos that explain your products and services in a few minutes and tell people why they should choose your product.

Explainer videos are all the rage now because if done right they can really boost your conversion rate. But explainer video productions can be hard to get right! Not because your idea is a bad one, but because you took the wrong approach.

Here is how you can make your explainer video to gain higher conversions:

1.     Script is King

While the quality of the video is important, the script is what takes the cake. Even if you have a high quality video with a badly written script, the conversions just won’t come.

Tip: Write your own script.

The company you hire for explainer video production doesn’t know the business the way you do. They do not understand the needs of your target audience.

2.     Keep the script short

According to Helen Klein Ross, “the less you say, the more likely people are to remember.” An explainer video is the “hook” that is used to get audiences interested in what you have to offer. Make sure to keep the video short even though you have a lot to say.

Tip: The general rule of thumb is to use 150 words per minute.

There are far too many distractions on the internet. That is why your two minutes video message has to be compelling and interesting for your target audience.

3.     Keep it Simple

We already mentioned why it’s important to keep your video short. How do you do it? By keeping the message simple!

Your video should focus on 4 key aspects:

a)     The problem (0.00-0.20)

b)     The Solution (0.20 -0.25)

c)      How your product works (0.25-0.50)

d)     Call To Action (0.50-0.60)

 4.     Talk about the benefits, not the features

We know you want people to know everything your product has to offer. But a customer really is looking for benefits; benefits that eliminate their pain points. Instead of talking about technical features talk about how your product will solve their problem.

Instead of saying “1TB of space” try saying “Lots of space to store all your favorite movies in one place.”

5.     Use humor well

Everyone loves to be entertained be it a CEO or a teenager. Humor is a great way to make people feel connected to your brand. But make sure that your humor doesn’t look forced. A badly timed joke can put off and distract potential customers.

Tip: Rather than incorporating humor into your script, its more effective when integrated into the animation.

6.     Tell a story

Don’t just limit your video to lifeless facts and statistics. Instead, use the video to showcase the stories of people your business has helped.  Human beings love to connect with emotions and stories are a great way to do just that!

Tip: Create a central character and tell a story with its help. Focus on creating a connection with your audience.

7.      Find the right tone

Select the tone of your video depending on your target audience. Describe in a one liner why you are creating this explainer video and what you want your viewers to do at the end. This will help you in selecting the right tone.

Tip: Imagine real people when creating a character based video.

8.   Plan for the Launch

We get it; you are excited about the explainer video production. In the process do not forget about planning ahead. Here are three steps to planning the right video launch.

  1. Video host – There are far too many options out there choose what suits you best.  We suggest WistiaVimeo PROBrightcove, or Vidyard.
  2. A marketing plan – The truth of the matter is your video probably won’t go viral. But you can take measures to make it reach the right audience. Leverage blogs, social media and e-mailers to create a buzz around your video.
  3. Integrate it on your website – Whether you decide to put your video on your homepage or anywhere else. Make sure it blends seamlessly with your brand and your content.

If you are considering making an explainer video, we hope these tips will help you in making that awesome conversion guaranteed video.

Remember, the most important part of the video is not the video itself… it’s the script!

Have you done an explainer video production before? What are some tips you learned on the way?





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