Top 15 3D Animation Videos for Business

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November 28, 2018
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Top 15 3D Animation Videos for Business

Top 15 3D Animation Videos

Animation has, over the years, evolved by leaps and bounds to become the go-to marketing tool for most companies from different industries. It is no big surprise, given the amazing things that animation lets you achieve. Animated explainer videos for business are all the rage in the market today and for good reason.

  • They enable you to convey a lot in very little time
  • They attract, hold and retain the attention of viewers better than other formats
  • They elevate the viewing experience
  • They make it easy for viewers to understand the content being disseminated
  • They are fun to watch and easy to share

So, what is 3D animation? And which one is better – 2D or 3D animation? Find all these answers in our article here. On the note, we thought of looking at some of the best animated videos for business that are out there and gauging the possible reasons for their success. We have split them up industry-wise, so you can skip to the most relevant ones and also get ideas for your next marketing video!

15 of the best animated videos for business that break the clutter

Audi Aicon 3D Animation

With a curious mix of live-action footage, 2D and 3D animation, this video delivers an excellent viewing experience. Apart from introducing the viewer to the ultramodern features, suave interiors and jaw-dropping exteriors of the car, the video manages to provide an immersive experience that holds your attention right till the very end.



Hankook 3D Animation

The tire company’s tagline says “driving emotion” and that is exactly what the makers of this animated video have tried to reflect in less than 2:30 minutes. The video wins hands down in its ability to not only create a visual world that looks futuristic, but to also keep the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. The high-quality animation is aided by sudden jumps, sharp cuts and great use of slow motion to maintain the thrill and provide a game-like experience to the viewer.



Tata Power SED FICV 3D Animation

As the name of the company and theme of the video suggest, this creation had to be powerful enough to pack a punch. And boy, does it do justice to the subject at hand (Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division’s [Tata Power SED] Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle [FICV])! Toolbox Studio, a leading animation studio in India, makes use of a variety of audio-visual elements to bring the animated war tank to life. A combination of world-class animation and war-drum music works perfectly in this animated product demo video, making for a wholesome viewing experience, while also gratifying the basic need of showcasing different parts of the tank. But apart from the technical elements, what really stands out in this animated video production is its crisp storytelling. It could have been a regular product animation video that only focuses on the key features of the tank, but it is not. And that is where it wins. The five-minute video takes the audience through a mission, in the process explaining the tank’s capabilities.



How an AK-47 Works 3D Product Animation Video

The title of the video and the subject itself is an eyeball-grabber! Layered with a dark background and music that sounds like it is straight out of a crime-thriller flick, the video makes great use of modeling, texturing and animation to demonstrate how the gun works by first disintegrating the entire unit and then focusing on each important element one by one. The best part about this animated video production is that it looks very realistic, thanks to the rendition and brilliant use of reflections.



Entertainment Industry 3D ANIMATED VIDEOS
Miniature World of Animated Paper Wildlife

The world needs more videos like these! Made with a view to raise awareness about wildlife conservation, the video conveys the message in the most creative way possible. Using stationery to form the wildlife, this form of animation works brilliantly since it takes everyday elements to narrate the idea, thus making it very relatable and hard-hitting without really hammering the message.



One Small Step 3D Animation

A short film that talks about dreams, adversity, reality, love, loss and self-belief, this powerful video narrates the story of a girl flawlessly. The end product that you see is the culmination of compelling content, expert storyboarding, wonderful character design and endearing animation that works its charm every second of the film.



Human Anatomy 3D Animation

A 3D medical animation video created primarily to showcase the complex nature of the human anatomy, this blend of different animation and rendering styles does complete justice to the subject. The beauty of the video lies in its ability to illustrate the organs and systems in a systematic and visually-appealing manner.



Epilepsy 3D Animation

This animated explainer video expertly demonstrates the role various channels play in modulating the action potential of neurons. Using intricate animation techniques and a strong voiceover, the 3D medical animation video takes the viewer through the process in a succinct way.



Hotel Lobby Walkthrough 3D Animation

As the title suggests, this is a simple walkthrough video that showcases the lobby of a hotel by taking you through the area. The virtual tour makes a good impact since it gives the audience a simulated view of the entire space. The animation used here is simple yet effective and manages to capture the essence of an opulent hotel lobby with elements like lighting, reflections and music.



Exterior HOTEL Mar Menor 3D Animation

The above video was a walkthrough of the interiors of a hotel, while this one gives you a virtual tour of the exteriors of a Spanish hotel. The seamless mixture of real photography and animation makes for a visual delight, with various angles and techniques used to alter the space.



CVS Technologies Steel Making 3D Animation

This facility and process video shows how steel is manufactured in a steel plant by making good use of animation. The usage of animation techniques and angles enhances the viewing experience and offers a full walkthrough of the manufacturing procedure and steel plant.



The World of Spinning 3D Animation

Another animated explainer video, this one helps the viewer dive into the step-by-step processes that are employed in the manufacturing of different types of yarn in a spinning mill. Along with the production procedure, the video also touches upon the various technologies and machines involved in the making. The key highlight of this video is the finesse with which it manages to explain everything in detail, using animation to take its quality to another level.



Samsung Smart Digital Radiography UArm 60 3D Animation

This 3D animation video needed to ensure that the message was conveyed with the brand’s preexisting market repute in mind and it did so by leveraging animation, smart graphic icons and text optimally. What is interesting to note here is the excellent usage of negative space (or white space) and cool colours to complement the product that is primarily white in colour.



Atomic Automatic LF 3D Helmet Tech 3D Animation

Being a promotional product video for a leading ski equipment company, the visuals make sure that the product’s two important aspects (look and sturdiness) get a majority of the viewer’s attention. While the first thirty seconds focus on revealing what the helmet looks like, the subsequent part of the video takes up each feature of the product and explains it using minimal text support. The visual delight lies in the fact that the screen division is close to perfect, allowing the audience to look at the product and understand each feature. Using eye-catching yet unobtrusive animation, the video manages to strike the right balance between being a high-quality video and getting the message across effectively.



Industrial Shredded Cheese Line 3D Animation

This process video takes the viewer through the entire system and procedure of cheese disintegration, QC and packaging. Using 3D animation, the creators of the video have made the process easy to understand.



So, there you have it. That is our list of fifteen of our favourite animated video productions for business along with reasons why we love them.

Key takeaways from these animated marketing videos

There are a few common threads that make these videos tick the right boxes. Let’s look at some things to remember when making an animated marketing video for business:

  • Make sure the idea is fresh and unique
  • A strong narrative forms the base for storytelling
  • Ensure that you speak the language your audience can relate to
  • Invest in world-class animation to obtain stunning visual outputs
  • Work with a company that specializes in animation video production

Toolbox Studio, a 3D animation company in India, has been a frontrunner in the animation industry for the last 11 years, delivering top-class animated videos for business to clients from various industry segments.

We create:

  • 3D animated marketing videos
  • Animated product demo videos
  • Company animation videos

Wondering how much it would cost to make a 3D animation video? If you wish to create a custom animated video for your business, product, process, facility or service, get in touch with our team today!




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