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January 17, 2019
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Top 15 Explainer Videos for Business

Explainer Videos with Animation

When it comes to explanatory videos or explainer videos for business and the value they bring to the table, it can’t be subject of debate that companies of all shapes and sizes have tasted success when they harnessed the power of animated explainers to get the message across.

What Are Explainer Videos and Why Are They Effective?

In an era driven by audiences that want fresh content, innovative ideas and visuals, videos that club these three elements together successfully work like a charm. Wondering what an explainer video is? An explainer video, in simple words, is a short AV that communicates a concept, idea, product, service or brand message using animation, graphics, text content and voiceover and music. The might of a well-crafted creative business explainer video for business cannot be understated – explainer videos are very effective. If you have closely followed the Toolbox Studio blog, you will know that we actively advocate this medium of communication not only because of our expertise in creating effective business explainer videos, but also because we understand different businesses, industries and target groups and acknowledge the fact that an explainer can well and truly serve any and every purpose of communication – whether it is spreading brand awareness, social messages, product or service promotion, process demonstration, prototype demo, CSR content or anything else.

We thought you might want to take a look at some of the best explainer videos that exist and we have handpicked some of our top favourites from different industry segments in this article. Read on!

15 Examples of the Best Explainer Videos for Business

Introducing Office 365 Business!

Let’s begin with Microsoft’s short-yet-effective explainer video or product explanation video that introduces the viewer to Office 365 Business. This crisp video for businesses is aimed at educating the audience about the USPs and functionality of the IT offering and does so with great aplomb. The brilliant usage of geometric shapes and bright colours helps give the video a stylish look, while at the same time giving it a global appeal.



What is Artificial Intelligence (or Machine Learning)?

Another great video from the Technology space is HubSpot’s video which puts forth a complex idea and demystifies it in a way that a layman can understand. Using hypnotic animations that have a futuristic feel to them, the video is easy on the eye. The interesting character design and smart use of gradients makes for a wonderful viewing experience.


Ecodo LED Lightbulb Explainer Video

How could we not have a product explainer video on this list! The Ecodo LED Lightbulb product explainer video serves its purpose to perfection. While the creative animation leverages smart graphics and engaging subtle effects to its benefit, what really takes the cake is the fact that the script has substance. The video has been thoughtfully crafted in order to help the audience see the product’s benefits and efficiency by using comparative analysis. Moreover, although the product explainer video is short, each USP of the product is given due importance and adequate screen time, giving the viewer enough time to digest what is being said. This is by far one of the best product explainer videos you will come across.



Mercedes, Animated explainer video

Explainer videos are all the rage in the Automobile industry. This first-rate animated explainer does its job beautifully and without much fuss by bringing to the fore not only what the service is all about, but also demonstrating exactly how it works. Short, simple and striking, the audio-visual treat not only employs 2D animation to good effect, but also brings out the trust factor and brand values that the target audience cares about.



Connected Cars in the Internet of Things Explained in 101 Seconds

Coming back to the Technology space, here’s another example of a fantastic video that delivers on its promise to explain a very complex subject in just 101 seconds. IoT can be mind-boggling for most people who are unfamiliar with the topic, but this tech explainer video makes use of relatable, everyday situations to describe its application in our lives. The fluidic and eye-catching animation along with a creative use of colours makes it a joy to watch.



Housal Explainer Video

At Toolbox Studio, we have always believed that any visual production should have a strong story to build upon. This explainer video that we created for a Phillipines based Real Estate technology client takes this belief a step further and uses storytelling as a key tool along with dynamic animation and clean graphics. What this does is that it helps catch and hold the viewer’s attention right till the end. The writing is crisp and the video hits the right pain points by taking a problem-solution approach.



Ola Australia | Partners Onboarding Process

Explaining a process, no matter how simple or complex it is, is pretty difficult, especially when you do not have a direct audience. Explainer videos enable businesses to break processes down step by step and reach the audience in the right way. This process video begins with the benefits, telling the viewers what is in it for them. Where the video wins hands down is the fact that it provides an actual process walkthrough on the screen. Finding just the right pace and sticking to the point works well in this case, making it easy for the audience to understand the onboarding process.



Airbnb Introduces the Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging | Airbnb

While Hospitality as a sector has often relied on animation as the primary tool to reach out to audiences for business or partnerships, what differentiates this heart-warming explainer video is the story that it weaves around the central theme – a sense of belonging. Without using characters or voiceover, this lovely video binds together a unique idea with slick animation and storytelling. The feel-good factor in the video is so high that the lack of VO or the fact that the makers are trying to ‘sell’ an idea completely takes a backseat while watching it.



Renewable Energy Explained in 2 1/2 Minutes

Another explainer video that our in-house experts rate very highly is this Industrial animation video that explains the concept of renewable energy in a very short span of time. While the AV is educational and informative in nature, what really works well in this case is that the viewer’s interest and attention is captured for the entirety of the video. The ‘food for thought’ approach, clubbed together with clean 2D animation and a good voiceover contributes vastly to helping this video feature in our Top 15 list.



Explainer Video for Agile Industrial

The ‘fear’ factor is considered to work extremely well when it comes to advertising and marketing. From a target audience point of view, this industrial explainer video capitalizes on stating the potential downfalls of not adapting to technological changes in the industry. If you notice, the animated explainer video is split into two halves very subtly, where the first part states the problems and the related pitfalls, while the second half jumps to the rescue by stating the solution and then highlighting Agile Industrial’s USPs.



Introduction to Ellesmere College – Animation Video

The Education sector, too, has jumped onto the explainer video bandwagon and is deriving great results. This video in particular is one of our top picks because it has been crafted very cleverly, giving an equal amount of weightage to what the college wants to say and what prospective students want to hear. Instead of only ranting about how the college is awesome, the video speaks directly to prospects and touches upon every possible factor that a student or parent might consider when choosing an institute. The beauty of the video also lies in the fact that every frame is distinctly different and the use of colours is absolutely on point and in sync with what is being said, thus adding more value to the overall video.



Hibernia College Explainer Video

This one takes a very different approach because it targets a totally different set of audiences (presumably older in terms of age). Using minimalistic, simple and relatable animation and graphic elements, the explainer video for an educational establishment video stays true to what the college has on offer and demonstrates the key takeaways in less than 80 seconds.



Swiggy presents StatEATstics | How India ate in 2017

The new year video encapsulated not only Swiggy’s growth as a giant in the food delivery industry, but did so in style. Unique in terms of everything – the cool and fluidic animation, the effective female voiceover, the creative combination of real images and dynamic graphical elements, and the way the entire video unfolds. There are multiple references to modern pop culture and also to things that young Indian audiences can totally relate to. With an almost game-like style of animation and storytelling, the background score does complete justice to the approach that has been taken by the creators. And while the video basically speaks about key statistics related to food ordering, consumption and feedback via Swiggy’s service, the funny lines make these stats more interesting than they actually are! Kudos to Swiggy for serving up a video that is fresh and crisp.



AI and robotics in the New Health era

The objective of any explainer video is to get the message across effectively, creatively and within the least possible amount of time. This healthcare explainer video wins on all three counts and by massive margins, too. The very concept of incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the world of healthcare is pretty complicated to put forth, but neat writing, a well-paced voiceover and adequate weightage to each point in the video makes it possible for PwC to get the message across. The robot-like characters and futuristic animation plays a subtle-yet-important role in hammering the point and the warm colours make it difficult for the viewer to take their eyes off the screen. A job well done!



How new entrants could impact healthcare systems globally

Another PwC video that makes our list is this healthcare animated explainer video, for the simple reason that the way content is presented in these 169 seconds is something that other businesses can learn from. While the subject of the video could have made for a nice and lengthy blog article or research paper, they chose to take the explainer video route and did so successfully. Credit to the concise and smart scripting that the voiceover is based on, along with visual elements that complement it. In terms of the visual treatment, the animation is very contemporary and sleek. The transitions throughout the video are excellent in the way they help move from one frame to another without breaking the link.



If you, too, are contemplating creating an amazing explainer video for your business, we encourage you to do so because everything today is driven by video-based content. The aforementioned videos were just a few samples of the different types of explainer videos businesses have experimented and succeeded with. Of course, there are several other types and approaches that can be taken, depending on your specific needs and objectives. However, the key takeaways for a good explainer video remain the same:

  • An innovative idea
  • A strong storyline and script
  • Engaging visual elements, animation and graphics
  • Professional voice over with an interactive tone
  • Complementary background music
  • Brevity (the shorter the better)

Wish to know more about creating the best business explainer videos? Take a look at some of our past projects and latest work here. Toolbox Studio is known for its 2D and 3D animated explainer video production capabilities, thanks to our team’s extensive experience in creating some of the best explainer videos in the market.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss the pricing for a custom explainer video!

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