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CSR corporate Social Responsibilty - Toolbox

CSR corporate Social Responsibilty - Toolbox


Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is an effort from corporates to give back to society by carrying out a variety of activities that benefit people, animals, the environment and more. While the causes may differ, one thing that is common among all these activities is the fact that these companies like to spread the word regarding their good deeds and garner some goodwill out of these efforts.

In fact, here in India, CSR activities are mandatory for companies of a certain size and level of profitability since the 2013 Companies Act, so being able to get the word out goes from a choice to a necessity. And why shouldn’t you let your patrons know that a portion of the patronage being offered by them is going into a good cause, mandatory or not?

One of the most effective and impactful ways of sharing CSR efforts is through video. This is something that companies all over the world have understood and are using to great effect. We have rounded up some of the best audio-visual showcases of company philanthropy to give you an idea of how CSR videos are done right. Here are our top picks in no particular order.

Top CSR Videos

1. Marc Jacobs x Sato Project

Famous global fashion label Marc Jacobs has tied up with the Sato project in an effort to help relocate dogs abandoned in Peru in the aftermath of the Hurricane Maria. These adorable canines are rescued and placed into good homes so that their lives can be happy and full of joy again. Their CSR video showcasing this is a short, sweet, and simple effort with no voiceover; just visuals, sounds and music. The video showcases the actual journey of one adorable dog called Kevin Jacobs and his journey to finding a new home. A fantastic example of a subtle and classy video.

2. Maruti Suzuki #PehniKya

Indian automotive behemoths Maruti Suzuki may be one of the oldest companies putting cars on roads in India, but they aren’t just resting on their laurels. Aside from investing in more tech to make the cars and their passengers safer, they also ran a CSR campaign called Pehni kya? (Did you wear it?) to raise awareness about the importance of seatbelts. Not only does this dramatic video also subliminally showcase their Dzire compact sedan, but it also uses the emotional pull and innocence of a child to help deliver this important message in a heartfelt manner.

3. Ikea My Place to Play

Swedish furniture makers Ikea have been running their Let’s Play for Change campaign for three years now to help children find a safe place to play away from the hardships of life. The video they have put out is textbook in its use of different styles like colorful stop-motion elements and a voice over to share important data without causing the viewer to lose interest, and interspersing the video with actual interviews from the children who have benefited for greater impact.

4. Equinox, Heroes Project

Top American fitness chain Equinox have contributed to the Heroes Project through events, marathons and fundraisers, and have created a video to showcase what the Heroes Project does. The extremely well-produced effort is built on the styles of a classic documentary. It is presented by the founder of the Project, Tim Medvetz, and goes through his journey of rehabilitation from which this project to help wounded and disabled war veterans came from. An extremely unique initiative, a truly gripping video, and one that takes its time to explain how the Heroes Project came about, and Equinox’s role within it.

5. Starbucks Global Month of Service

Every year, international coffee chain Starbucks celebrates its Global Month of Service in April, where the brand’s coffee shops the world over involve their patrons and employees in efforts to help improve their local communities. This video from the brand is another one that’s going for simplicity and vibrancy with basic animations and a joyous soundtrack providing the perfect vehicle to promote their Month of Service initiative. Uncomplicated and straightforward, Starbucks is doing it right with this video.

6. Lego, Protect the Planet for Future Generations

The beloved building game makers are known for their philanthropy, but their latest efforts have been above and beyond anything seen before. Lego has created wind turbine farms that not only provides enough clean energy to reduce the brand’s impact on the environment as a complete unit around the world but they also built a Lego windmill to celebrate achieving this feat, establishing a new Guinness World Record in the process. The video features everything from stunning visuals, an engaging voiceover, and tastefully placed text overlays to explain just how momentous the task was how successful the result is.

These examples are clear proof that you don’t have to do a simple, by-the-books or generic CSR video. Instead, you can try something new, something different, and make a CSR video that captures the imagination of the viewers.

At Toolbox Studio, we can help you make the perfect CSR video so that your benevolence can be showcased to the world in the best possible light. Contact us to find out more.




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