Top 15 Ninety-Second Explainer Videos for Business

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Top 15 Ninety-Second Explainer Videos for Business

Top 15 Ninety - Second Explainer Videos for business

Do explainer videos work? Yes, like magic, as long as thoughts and creativity while making them are engaging and targeted. It is a known fact that videos for business can result  exponentially when compared to other forms of marketing or branding efforts. We already touched upon some of the benefits of explainer videos and our favourites in terms of the best explainer videos for business in+ this article.

Here’s taking it a step ahead with the top 90-second explainer videos that we think cut the clutter.

Why create explainer videos?

1. Introduction

You want to introduce yourself, your business, brand, capabilities, services or products in the market.

2. Explanation

You wish to suggest your target group about existing problem and work out best possible solution for them in alignment with the business offerings.

3. Problem-solving

You want the video to explain how an idea can help solve specific problems for your client’s customers.

So, you have your heart set on creating an explainer video. The next question is – how long should an explainer video be?

Why opt for a 90-second explainer video?

Well, short and sweet is the way to go in this evolving ecosystem of business marketing. Thanks to the ever-reducing attention spans of people and the unwillingness to skim through lots of text or visual content, a well-crafted video that delivers the message in less than a minute and a half can work like a charm for your business. While the length of the video would largely depend upon how much you want to say through it, it is best to choose 90 seconds as the length – since it is neither too long, nor too short.

On that note, we have handpicked some of the best 90-second animated explainer videos that did what they were supposed to do – to perfection.

15 of best 90-second animated explainer videos for business
We have shortlisted our favourite 90-second explainer videos below, along with reasons why we think they are so good. Read on!

1. Zendesk Overview (Zendesk Software Explainer Video)

This explainer video introduces a customer service software using a fine blend of live action and graphics. The animation used in the video is clean and simple, aided by shots of real people merged seamlessly with the graphics.

The screen demo helps the viewer to understand the working of the software and the unobtrusive-yet-catchy background score ensures that the narrative moves forward. The best thing about this video is that it connects with the viewer not just on a business level, but on a human level too.



2. What is Vibe-It? (B2B Explainer Video)

This 90-second explainer video takes the problem:solution approach, presenting the problem right at the beginning. It then introduces the product, explains its features and USPs. The engaging visuals, voiceover, modern animation and vibrant colours used in the video add to its enthusiastic vibe.

The video ends with a strong call-to-action. In Chris Zachary’s own words, “We wanted to explain the company and its revolutionary enterprise feedback software solutions.”

The mission behind this video was to:
– Communicate the solution clearly, simply, and beautifully
– Attract investors
– Create an informative visual face to the solution.

The video manages to do all these things without breaking a sweat!



3. Spotify Montage – Digital Music Service (B2C Explainer Video)

It’s not like Spotify NEEDS to introduce itself to the world – it is already a raging hit amongst Apple users. So, the creators of this video decided to simply establish the vibe of Spotify with shapes, patterns, playful animation, bright colours and of course, vibrant music.

It eventually goes on to cover some of its important features. The young and energetic visuals strike a chord almost immediately and it is no surprise that the company says its subscription numbers shot up big time after this video campaign.



4. Introducing the Lemonade App

Here is another explainer video that demonstrates the capabilities of the product (in this case, an app) by showing it in action on the screen. The run-through or demo-type explainer video takes a step-wise approach, breaking it down for first-time viewers and giving them small nuggets to understand how the app works.

The flowing animation ensures that the progress of the video is steady. An interesting aspect of this video is the smart usage of white space a.k.a negative space – it makes the visuals look clean and easy on the eye.



5. Sevenly: Infographic Animation

A novel concept explained in simple words within few seconds – that is exactly what you would like your explainer video to do for you, isn’t it? This animated infographic-type explainer video works well because of its well-drafted script (content and voiceover). The minimalistic and uncluttered design and visuals work hand-in-hand with the voiceover.



6. Flazingo Animation – Your Complete Hiring System

Here is an animated explainer that pitches an idea, reaches out to its target group and touches upon their key pain points by using great content and visuals. The working of the system is explained using modern animation techniques and graphics. It lets the viewer soak in the concept before stating the USPs and benefits for the user – all of it in less than a minute and a half!



7. Visual Recognition Technology

A futuristic concept (that doesn’t seem to be too far away from now) called for a video that did justice to the idea being explained. This explainer video does complete justice to the novel concept (AI and visual recognition) by using smart and dynamic illustrations. The modernistic style of animation works well to explain the idea and get the viewer involved.



8. Thor Token / Brand Film

Another explainer video that flows fluidly and seamlessly from one frame to another, this one makes use of simplistic and recognizable shapes and icons throughout its duration to state the problem, introduce the blockchain solution and talk about its features and benefits.



9. What is Google Voice?

They say voice is the future of mobile phone technology and this Google Voice explainer video puts things into perspective with hand-drawn illustrations that are animated smartly.

Simple, short and easy to comprehend, the video takes the tried and tested problem: solution approach. And while it explains the concept perfectly, the best part about this 90-second explainer video is that it does not try too hard to SELL the concept.



10. What is Parse?

Knowing your audience is extremely important when you talk about creating an explainer video that reaches out to them and connects with them. The Parse explainer video talks to app creators and coders in a language that they understand and can relate to.

The visuals help on this front by using elements like grids and building blocks – getting the viewer involved right from the first second. The video is structured well in terms of the introduction, problem statement and solution.



11. What is Bitcoin?

Perhaps the most-watched Bitcoin introduction video ever, this explainer elucidates how Bitcoin works and why this paradigm shifting technology is important. The graphic elements and pop-up style of animation have been used well here.



12. The Amazing ZenCash Demo

Hand-drawn illustrations or style of animation looks and feels real and relatable. This explainer video makes use of this style expertly. It states the problem right at the beginning, before explaining how the solution can help solve it for the audience.



13. Personal Finance Management with Mint

By far one of our favourite animated explainers, the Mint video provides a step-wise explanation of how the solution works. The upbeat background score adds to the progression of the video and makes the animation feel more effective.

While the colours, animation and voiceover make the video great, we like it because it is not like other typical explainer videos. The video not only explains what Mint is about, but also demonstrates how it works and why one should choose it – thus making it a complete package.



14. Zip Schedules Explainer Video

The only video in our top 15 picks that makes good use of a central character to explain a product or idea, the Zip Schedules explainer video is fantastic for many reasons. The character “Tom” is shown going through the problems he faces, making it relatable for the target group.

The animation style is simple and yet very effective. The slightly humorous approach clubbed together with everyday issues that managers face makes the video worth watching.



15. Introduction to Traveloka App

A colourful explainer video that utilizes the power of animation and graphics to the fullest, this one is a winner. It not only manages to explain the app’s features in less than 1 minute and 35 seconds, but also makes a massive impact on the viewers, getting them interested in the product and the concept of hassle-free travel. The bright and friendly visuals are well used and ably supported by an effective VO and music.



What do you wish to achieve through your 90-second explainer video?

It is vital that you define the goal of your explainer video before you actually outsource the video creation process to an explainer video company.

• Views?
• Clicks?
• Inquiries?
• Conversions?
• Sales?
• Brand awareness?

Whatever your objective is, it needs to be mapped with the subject you are dealing with and the type of explainer video you should invest in. The next question is – which company should you go to?

Whether it is a full-fledged explainer video campaign or a single 90-second video for your brand, product or service, there are several things to consider before choosing a production company for your needs.

Top things to consider while choosing an explainer video company

1. History – Check out the company’s portfolio, projects and past work pages on their website. Their past record in creating explainer videos will give you a fair idea about their quality of work and clientele.

2. Capability – Ask questions about the team, artists, technicians and people who would be working on your project. Ask questions about the software they use, the setup they have, etc. The longer a company has been in the explainer video market, the more experience and expertise they are likely to have.

3. Pricing – The pricing of explainer videos may differ from company to company and would also vary depending on the type and length of video you require. Ask the company or studio for a proper quote according to the type of video.

4. Delivery – How much time does it take to create a 90-second explainer video? Is the explainer video creation company capable enough to deliver a high-quality video in a short turnaround?

Once you have satisfactory answers to all of the above questions, work out a plan to craft a custom explainer video for your needs and involve yourself in the process so you know how your video is turning out. Toolbox Studio is amongst the most sought-after explainer video production studios in Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe.




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