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September 25, 2014
October 31, 2014



In our previous post, we spoke of the top five reasons every brand needs a corporate film production featured under their belt. However, there is still one question that lingers in everyone’s mind. Do you really need it? What is the value add? The answer is simple. A video that represents what you stand for can make a world of difference. It changes how target audience perceives the brand in a matter of minutes. Don’t believe us? Take a look a list below.

1.   Go Pro

The best way to tell people what your product can do is to just show them! And worked like a charm for Go Pro. This video on their Product Hero3 connects with the target audience to the T. It focuses on the lifestyle, the ease of use with quality along with the sense of adventure.


2.   Dove Real Beauty Sketches

The very basic rule says that the best way to make a video go viral is by forming an emotional connect with the audience. That is why this is probably one of the most viral videos that has ever surfaced on the internet. Dove scored big time brownie points with the women it targets with this one!

3.   Seimens

Instead of writing a 20 page document make a video. It works better. Seimens proved it. This video does a great job at showing everyone exactly what this MNC is capable off and why they stand ahead of their competition.

4.   BDO Cayman Islands

Take a leaf out their book! This is how you celebrate an 10th anniversary period. Not only did they tell everyone what they managed to achieve in 10 years in a little over 20 minutes but they also made them laugh their way through it.

5.   Metro

Teenagers do not like to be told what they should. So how do you get them to listen? Make a funny video with dark humour and a catchy tune. This is what Metro did with their safety video for trains and it worked like a charm!

6.   Ojai Taxidermy

What you need to do is make a point. And then tell everyone how you can make it happen along all the verticals. This is the best way to bring forward your core message. If you can make it funny too. Then everybody hears you loud and clear. This video is proves this point.

7.   Hubspot Marketing

Again the best way to prove that your product is the best is by showing people everything it can do. Hubspot marketing used this exact same principle and it worked like a charm again!

8.   Canal+

They called this one the power of a good story. This video is intriguing, thrilling and captivating. In the end, it also presents the message loud and clear. Canal+ wanted to say that creativity goes a long way and that is why they are best. Well they said it really well!

9.   Red Bull

Who would have thought! When this video titled the athlete machine – klunge starts off, it all it seems to do is show a bunch of insane moves that very few in the world can pull off. But at the very end, a simple product placement turned Red Bull into one of the coolest brands ever! Target audience captured and sold to in absolutely no time.

10. Who Gives A Crap

Who said corporate films are only for the big and the mighty. Look at what these guys did. They told you exactly what did, what charity they are associated with, asked for your help and made it funny! All that in a couple of minutes only.


How can you not be convinced that a good corporate film production is a priority after this? Time to take the plunge!





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